When Will Homeland Return For Its Last 8th Season?


The seventh season of the espionage thriller, Homeland, comes to an end on April 29, 2018. Without a doubt, as a fan of the show, you already know that Showtime has opted to renew Homeland for an eighth season yet in 2016. But the exact date for the next installment is unknown till now. It would be logical to assume that Homeland will be returning for Season 8 next winter due to the current schedule of the series.

But Showtime has yet to set any specific date for the upcoming premiere. Nonetheless, we might think a bit over the subject. Also, we could sum up the results of this gripping political thriller and attempt to foresee what awaits us in the next round of the series.

Homeland debuted to universal acclaim. Both critics and viewers were entirely satisfied with the show's premiere. Noteworthy that the espionage drama managed to keep the viewers in suspense for seven seasons. Even in its seventh installment Homeland has showcased the impressive reviews from critics and the target audience, as well as steady television ratings. It seems that Showtime's heads have been expecting such a success of the series. Therefore, the network had opted to give an early renewal to Homeland two years ago.

Indeed, the statistics of Homeland continue to impress. The seventh season premiere has showcased the significant increase in the viewership (+13.58% versus Season 6). The premiere has garnered 1.221 million viewers with a 0.33 demo rating among adults 18-49. The viewing audience continued to grow up to the current seventh episode, which has drawn 1.275 million viewers. We regard such figures above praise. If we did not know that the current season would be the show's last, we would suppose that there might be at least one more installment of Homeland.

As for the response from critics and viewers, it was excellent as well. On Rotten Tomatoes, the seventh season of Homeland holds a score of 6.67/10 and a 71% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the penultimate season of the drama series at 3.7/5/70%. At the same time, on Metacritic, the current installment has received mainly favorable reviews, with a score of 65/100 and 6.7/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, the show's score is quite high, 8.4/10 > 263,000 votes.

Summing up, Homeland is a kind of television series Showtime is going to produce for their target audience. This show possesses all the attributes of success. The ratings were steady within the whole seven seasons; the reception was brilliant; the fandom is immense. We hope that the 8th installment of Homeland would be even more exciting and will present us the stunning finale.

What Do We Expect In Season 8 Of Homeland?

In his exclusive interview for Variety, Alex Gansa, the showrunner of Homeland, has stated that in the last chapter Homeland would return to its starting point, in Israel, where the events have begun to develop. As for the current season, Gansa said that they could not film it off if Donald Trump isn't being elected president. He has also noted that "if Hillary had been elected, we wouldn't be doing Season 7 set in Washington, D.C." Unfortunately, there is no more data about the upcoming season as of yet. We'll update this paragraph as soon as getting the official synopsis from Showtime.

What's The Show Homeland About?

If you have not watched this psychological thriller on Showtime yet, we suggest you get acquainted with a brief overview of Homeland below. Otherwise, you might scroll down to learn our forecast about the likely release date for the final season.

The story focuses on Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent who suspects Sgt. Nicholas Brody in treason and ties with the terrorists. Brody has suddenly reappeared after eight years in captivity. Carrie is going to prevent the possible terrorist attack which could happen on American soil. Carrie thereby starts a dangerous cat-mouse game with Brody which puts America's national security at risk. Subsequently, Carrie gets an appointment overseas, in the Middle East, where she found herself amidst the battle in the war on terror. Over time, being in exile in Berlin, Carrie has distanced herself from the CIA. Finally, she comes back home in the US to work for a foundation providing aid to Muslims living in America.

About The Possible Release Date For Season 8 Of Homeland

As mentioned above, Showtime has yet to reveal any specific date for the next installment of Homeland. However, it's quite evident that the eighth season would likely kick off next winter from December 2018 to February 2019. We are looking forward to the official news from Showtime. And we will update this article with the official synopsis for Season 8 and the exact release date, as soon as Showtime gives us any additional data. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.