Hinamatsuri: Will The Anime Return For Season 2?

Hinamatsuri: Will The Anime Return For Season 2?

This supernatural anime premiered in spring and is coming to an end this June. Since the series consists of only twelve episodes, you likely concerned about whether or not we will see another installment of Hinamatsuri? Feel. Inc. is keeping silence on the subject so far. So, does the anime has a chance for another round?

To be honest, we estimate the odds of Hinamatsuri for a second season as quite weak. Even though Hinamatsuri holds a score of 8.23/10 ~ 19,500 votes on MyAnimeList, it has been produced by the studio, which, as a rule, doesn't pick up its products for the other installments.

On the other hand, everything will depend on the BD/DVD sales in Japan as well as, or even especially overseas. According to the estimates, over 1,500 items are scheduled to be sold each week in Japan. Despite the prevailing opinion, we don't treat this indicator as low. On the contrary, the figure looks pretty favorable for a likely decision on renewal.

Perhaps you don't know, but Netflix is about to spend over $8 billion this year to expand the network's media library with promising media content, including anime. Therefore, the broadcaster spokesmen are seeking exciting anime series to pick up. We hope it might happen with Hinamatsuri. But please, bear in mind that this is only our assumptions.

In fact, there are no data about the possible renewal. Summing up, we believe that Hinamatsuri might return for Season 2. Nevertheless, we estimate the chance as foggy. Stay tuned for updates. We are looking forward to the official data from the Feel. Inc.

What's Hinamatsuri About?

If you had no chance to get acquainted with this sci-fi, supernatural anime series, please read a brief overview of Hinamatsuri below.

The story focuses on Yoshifumi Nitta, the series protagonist and a member of the Yakuza. One evening, a curious object in the form of cocoon falls on his head. The object contains a mysterious girl inside it. The girl possesses supernatural abilities. Her name is Hina, and she is capable of moving objects and, it seems, has incredible power. Despite the fact that Yoshifumi is not happy with such a surprise, he allows Hina to live with him under one roof. Besides, Hina can potentially assist Yoshifumi with his everyday issues.

However, it turns out that Hina is pretty dangerous if she doesn't use her superpowers for a while. Such a danger threatens Yoshifumi himself. Hina might completely lose her mind and destroy everything along the way if her superhuman abilities are useless. Thus the unusual life of the odd couple begins.

About the possible release date for Season 2

As mentioned above, we doubt in renewal. However, if the Feel studio is about to release one more season of Hinamatsuri, it could take place not earlier than next spring, given the current schedule of the series. We are tracking down the Japanese sources to figure out any possible news about the renewal as well as likely release date. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.