Heavy Object: Why There Are No News Regarding Season 2?

Heavy Object: Why There Are No News Regarding Season 2?

It turns out that this mecha anime remained without due attention since there has been no news on the subject of its renewal within over a year. However, the fans are eager to know what J. C. Staff thinks about to produce another season of Heavy Object? The studio keeps silence. It seems that they are more engaged in the development of new projects, leaving all the previously made ones on hiatus. As a result, the Heavy Object franchise appears to be canceled. Although, maybe we are wrong? Let's try to estimate the odds of the anime to get a new season.

Usually, the decision on renewal depends on two major factors, if we're talking about anime. As for the response by the target audience, it seems to be pretty positive. On MyAnimeList, the anime has a score of 7.39/10 ~ 31,500 votes. The viewers of FUNimation and Hulu have rated Heavy Object at 4.5 out of 5 stars. So, a reception by the viewers can't be a factor of hiatus. Let's take a look at another significant factor, availability of enough source material. Here it is worth noting that the first season of Heavy Object consisted two parts of twelve episodes each.

Apparently, all these twenty-four episodes have covered the core of the original light novel series. On the other hand, it is still ongoing. Nonetheless, we have to wait for a long time before Kazuma Kamachi to issue enough source material to produce one more season consisting of twenty-four episodes. Thus, we have to admit the fact that we won't see Season 2 of Heavy Object in the foreseeable future. However, a chance for renewal still exists.

Heavy Object debuted in October 2015 on Tokyo MX. Shortly, BS11, AT-X, MBS, and other Japanese networks began airing the anime. J.C.Staff jointly with SANZIGEN served as developers of the television adaptation. Funimation acted as a licensor of the franchise in North America. The first season of Heavy Object came to an end on March 25, 2016; it contained 24 episodes. The anime is available online on Hulu and FUNimation websites.

What Is Heavy Object About?

The story unfolds in the far future. The massive, spherically shaped war machines named Objects appeared as a result of rapidly developed technical progress. Due to these new types of weaponry, the war obtained an entirely new face since even nuclear weapon turned useless in comparison with the Objects. Eventually, the world was split into four coalitions which exist in the permanent confrontation. Given the fact that only Objects are capable of destroying Objects, the modern war represents a collision between such war machines. Therefore, the warfare appears to become safer.

The primary storyline focuses on Qwenthur, a young military cadet engineer, as well as his fellow, Havia, an offspring of the powerful family. They both discovered that man could destroy human-made Objects. Their discovery might change the course of history. Thus, the anime follows the duo's gripping adventures.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date

Despite all the facts described below, we still think that Heavy Object Season 2 may happen. However, we doubt that the premiere would take place earlier than at the end of 2018 due to a lack of source material. We usually forecast the release date for a next season of pending anime series for next fall. However, in the case of Heavy Object, the premiere of its next season could happen just at the beginning of 2019. Nonetheless, the odds seem to be foggy, since there has been absolutely no official news on the subject for more than one year. It is a bad sign, frankly. Anyway, we're waiting for the official announcement. Stay tuned for updates; we'll keep you informed about the further news.