Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Release Date Is Set

Hawaii Five-0

Last season, the police procedural series Hawaii Five-0 showcased an uptrend in the ratings. Most likely, such circumstance served a primary reason for CBS to pick up the show for another round. This season, we have been witnessing a drop in the viewership. Nonetheless, on April 18, CBS announced that the network had renewed 11 prime-time series for their respective new seasons. Luckily, Hawaii Five-0 remains in the CBS lineup for the 2018-19 broadcast season. Frankly, despite a downtrend in the ratings in the past seasons, we were expecting the current renewal. However, a bad sign was that this season Hawaii Five-0 had received average and even negative reviews from the target audience.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the eighth season of Hawaii Five-0 holds a score of 3.5/5 and a 68% approval rating. Meanwhile, on Metacritic, the statistics look unfavorable, 3.8/10 among the viewers. However, an overall score of Hawaii Five-0 on IMDb is still strong, 7.4/10 ~ 57,000 votes. Of course, the television ratings play a more valuable role as for the decision on renewal. But we're sure that CBS undoubtedly takes such factor as a response from critics and viewers into account.

As for the ratings, they were steady as usual. The season premiere has garnered 8.641 million viewers with a 1.04 key demo (P18-49). Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that by the 2nd half of Season 8, the viewing audience started gradually decreasing up to 7.368 million viewers per episode.

Summing up, the future of Hawaii Five-0 looks questionable. We don't bear in mind the current renewal. However, talking about the immediate prospects of the show, we doubt that there will be more than ten seasons of Hawaii Five-0. We hope that our opinion is wrong. But still, the statistics point out the possible cancellation of the series in the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, as we have mentioned above, there would be at least two additional seasons of Hawaii Five-0, in our opinion.

What's The Show Hawaii Five-0 About?

If you didn't watch this police procedural series on CBS yet, we would suggest you read a brief overview of Hawaii Five-0 below. Otherwise, you could scroll down to find out more data about the possible release date for the upcoming season.

The story focuses on Detective Steve McGarrett and his special unit. He comes back home in an attempt to investigate his father's recent death. The Governor convinces Steve to create his own task force (Hawaii Five-0). Together with Detective Sergeant Danny "Danno" Williams, Steve restores order on the beaches of the Aloha State. Steve's team also consists of Capt. Lou Grover, a former SWAT leader; Jerry Ortega, the one who believes in the conspiracy theory; and Tani Rey, a brave police academy graduate. The show has its roots in the eponymous 1960s police procedural series.

Season 9 Release Date

As mentioned above, CBS has given one more chance for Hawaii Five-0 to return in the network's schedule in the 2018-19 broadcast season. According to the schedule, Hawaii Five-0 will be coming back for its 9th season on Friday, September 28, 2018 at 9/8c on CBS.