Haikyu!! Season 4: Everything What's Clear To Date

Haikyu!! Season 4: Everything What's Clear To Date

Haikyu!! Season 4 is yet to be confirmed, no matter what you know about it. The only thing is clear is that a new television anime series is due to happen. And of course, no exact release date has been announced, all the more so. Indeed, there is evidence that a "kickoff event" for the new series will take place on September 22, 2019, yet there are no data, whether it is a Season 4, according to the official announcement published on the official Twitter page of the anime.

In fact, when it comes to anime, we always face a grain of misunderstanding since the genre itself contains a lot of new terms for any western viewer. For instance, the announcement, which we are currently discussing could be in fact an OVA, or maybe an upcoming anime film, and, of course, we don't rule out that the Production I.G studio might present Haikyu!! Season 4, as many expected. But since we gather the data from the official Japanese sources, no one knows the how the things go on in fact. Nonetheless, we can't claim without a proof that we are actually talking about the upcoming Season 4.

Unlike the regular US or European TV shows, the Japanese ones have quite ambivalent type of naming. For instance, when you call some 12-episode television adaptation as Season 2, it could be in fact Season 1 (cour 1) since the Japanese studios used to split one large 24-episode television season into two equal parts, each containing twelve episodes. Because of such misunderstanding, we frequently have a total confusion, while counting the number of seasons.

The good news nonetheless remains the fact, we will see more Haikyu!! this fall, whether it be a Season 4, an OVA, or even a feature-length film. Also worth noting that even despite all the data described above, Haikyu!! Season 4 is more than possible since there is enough source material for at least one more television season.

The original manga series, which served a basis for the current television project, now contains 37 volumes, while the 3rd season has covered the manga events up to Volume 21. As a result, at least sixteen volumes remained for Haikyu!! Season 4. Even if, the announcement, we were talking about above, is nothing but an OVA, there still remains enough source material for a fourth television installment.

So guys, in any case, we have now a lot of good news, and the most important of them is that the Haikyu!! franchise is still ongoing, whatever the announcement above really means. In addition, it's worth noting that Haikyu!! is still popular among the viewers. The 3rd season of the anime holds a score of 8.97/10 based on about 203,000 votes, according to MyAnimeList. By the way, talking about the title of the season, you may have noted that it is called "Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou" instead of Haikyu!! Season 3 as we expected.

Summing up, now we know that the Production I.G studio is preparing a surprise for all the fans of the Haikyu!! anime, yet we don't know whether it will be the next television season. Therefore, we are tracking down the official sources in order to notify you about the reliable news. Once Production I.G reveals more details on the subject of the upcoming anime project, we will update this page.

Haikyu!! Season 4 Release Date

As mentioned above, the Production I.G studio has yet to announce Haikyu!! Season 4. However, in the case if the information about the 4th season is confirmed, we should expect it this fall. However, in the worst case scenario, we will have to wait much longer. The reason of waiting may be explained by the fact that at least the two first seasons of Haikyu!! consisted of 25 episodes each. The anime series, which we considered as Season 3 contained only ten episodes, however.

Nonetheless, at least one year is required in order to produce another 25-episode television season. Therefore, if the upcoming anime project is not Season 4, we will have to wait for it at least until 2021. Yet please, bear in mind that all the data above is nothing but our forecast. Of course, we are looking forward to the official announcement of Season 4. As soon as the Production I.G studio publishes more data on the subject as well as the exact release date, we will update this page. Stay tuned for updates.

Haikyu!! Summary

Haikyu!! is a gripping story of an aspiring middle school student named Shouyou Hinata, desired of becoming a volleyball superstar despite his insufficient height. Once watching a national championship on TV, he found inspiration in a player, nicknamed the "Little Giant." To practice his skills, Hinata establishes his own volleyball sports club. But his team was defeated during its first tournament.

However, despite such an epic fail, Hinata swore to surpass the best player from the rival volleyball club, Tobio Kageyama. Upon enrolling the high school, Hinata learns that Kageyama now is his teammate. Initially, they both were unable to play volleyball side by side. However, over time, they have become closer to each other and were even managed to develop their brand-new volleyball tactic. Since then, their rise to glory has begun.