Haikyuu!!: There Is Enough Source Material For Season 4


It seems that the Japanese government is interested in the development of the sports industry in the country among the teenagers. As a result, a couple of exciting anime of the sports genre that appeared on the television screens. Haikyuu!! is an excellent example of such a well-done anime series, which lasts already three astonishing seasons. Of course, this sports anime manages to gather a vast target audience worldwide.

Therefore, millions of fans are looking forward to a fourth season of the series. Despite numerous rumors on the subject, the officials from the Production I.G, Inc. studio keeps silence regarding the renewal. However, we admit that there are plenty of factors why do we think that the fourth season of Haikyuu!! would happen. Let's regard the most significant of them.

As usual, a dominant factor in the further decision on renewal is the box office of the franchise. If the show's creators manage to surpass their expenses, they will be inspired to produce one more season. Otherwise, most of the shows are going on a long-term hiatus, as often happens. In the case of Haikyuu!!, there is no matter of disturbing since the sales were impressive as in Japan, as well as, abroad.

The second not less critical indicator is the availability of source material for a next television adaptation. The original manga series contains 28 volumes consisting of 251 chapters. The most recent book was issued on October 4, 2017, and the series is currently ongoing. Given the fact that the third season of the anime covered the story up to Volume 21, there is enough source material in the seven remaining volumes.

The third point in the list it is a reception by the target audience. This indicator looks especially impressive in the case of Haikyuu!! According to the statistics by MAL, the first season of the series has a score of 8.67/10 > 232,000 votes. The second installment was even more successful, 8.89/10 166,300 votes. As for the third television adaptation, its numbers look truly impressive, 9.01/10 ~ 121,000 votes. Only a few animes might boast with such figures.

Summing up, it must be evident for the show's creators that Haikyuu!! worth continuation. This show is an overwhelmingly successful television project. As a result, it gathered a huge fandom, as well as has grossed a valuable box office. We are almost sure that Haikyuu!! Season 4 would be announced soon. The only intriguing question remains when it will happen?

Haikyu!! Season 1 started off in April 2014 on JNN (MBS). Production I.G, Inc. served as a developer of the television adaptation of the eponymous manga by Haruichi Furudate. Sentai Filmworks has acquired rights for the anime in North America. The series is available for online video streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

The first two seasons of the series consisted of twenty-five episodes, while the third one contained just ten episodes. There have been no official reports about the fourth installment as of yet. To be sure of this, we suggest you visit the official website of the Haikyuu!! anime series, as well as its official Twitter page.

What Is Haikyuu!! About?

If you know little about the Haikyuu franchise, here is a brief overview below.

Haikyuu!! is the gripping story of an aspiring middle school student named Shouyou Hinata, desired of becoming a volleyball superstar despite his insufficient height. Once watching a national championship on TV, he found inspiration in a player, nicknamed the "Little Giant." To practice his skills, Hinata establishes his own volleyball sports club. But his team was defeated during its first tournament.

However, despite such an epic fail, Hinata swore to surpass the best player from the rival volleyball club, Tobio Kageyama. Upon enrolling the high school, Hinata learns that Kageyama now is his teammate. Initially, they both were unable to play volleyball side by side. However, over time, they have become closer to each other and were even managed to develop their brand-new volleyball tactic. Since then, their rise to glory has begun.

On The Subject of The Possible Release Date for Season 4

As mentioned above, we believe that the announcement of the fourth season of Haikyuu!!, it's only a matter of time. Since there has been no official news, we are forced to turn on our intuition, given some significant facts. The two last seasons started in October, while the first one has begun in April. Now is October, and there is no new season, as well as any decision on the subject. It is very likely that the announcement will be following at the beginning of 2018, while the premiere is possible next April, or more likely in October 2018.

Thus, in any case, we will have to wait until at least next spring. Anyway, we're waiting for the official announcement. We track down the official sources so that you to be first who learn the most exciting news. As for now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.