Is There Going To Be Haganai Season 3?

Is There Going To Be Haganai Season 3?

Most likely, you are looking forward to Haganai Season 3 but still can't realize why another season is yet to be announced. And no doubt, it's quite a complicated question, when it comes to anime, which concluded back in 2013. Nonetheless, we have some data that at least might put everything in its place. Therefore, the first thing you should know is that there is no official announcement of Haganai Season 3 no matter what did you read or heard about it.

On the other hand, we still have a chance to see another season of the anime, and this is what we are going to talk about. Yet you should realize that the odds are low. The only thing which points out the possibility of renewal is that there still remains a piece of source material which hasn't been adapted into an anime yet. As you know, Haganai is based on a Japanese light novel series of the same name written by Yomi Hirasaka.

The light novel consists of eleven volumes, and the good news is that the current two seasons of the anime adaptation have covered only eight volumes. As a result, at least three more volumes remained for another television adaptation. The bad one is that at least one new book is still required from Hirasaka.

And since the last light novel in the series was issued on August 25, 2015, we doubt that Hirasaka might resume working on his light novel series after such a long-term hiatus. Yet we don't rule out that such a positive case scenario is possible. A sad fact, but the franchise looks dead.

But still, both previous seasons of Haganai were a success. According to MyAnimeList, Haganai Season 1 holds a score of 7.42/10 based on ~ 283,000 votes, while the 2nd installment of the anime counts 7.55/10 > 203,600 votes. The fans thereby demand another television season. Unfortunately, AIC Build is not a famous studio and thus the guys who stand behind it are unlikely capable of hearing your voice.

Finally, let's take a look at the commercial value of the Haganai franchise. 5,218 BDs were sold between December 12-23, 2013, with an average indicator of 7,199 items per week. We thereby conclude that the franchise were quite successful, talking about income. Nonetheless, the anime went on a long-term hiatus.

Summing up, in our opinion, Haganai won't return for Season 3. All indications are that the franchise is dead. But still, we don't rule out the renewal completely. After all, all the data above is only our vision. Who knows, maybe Yomi Hirasaka could change his mind one day and release the missing twelfth volume. In such a case, the AIC Build studio could have enough source material for Haganai Season 3. Yet to date, we consider the franchise completed, unfortunately.

Haganai Season 3 Release Date

So guys, even in the case of renewal, we doubt that Haganai could return for Season 3 this year or even next year. At least one year is required for Yomi Hirasaka to issue one more volume, while the AIC Build studio needs at least one year to produce a 12-episode television adaptation. Therefore, even in the best case scenario, we should expect Haganai Season 3 not earlier than in 2021. All we can is to cross our fingers, hoping that both author and studio might resume their working on Season 3.

Haganai Summary

The story follows Kodaka Hasegawa, a transfer student to St. Chronica's Academy, who is experiencing troubles to make friends due to an unusual mix of brown-blond hair as well as aggressive-looking eyes that make him looking dangerous. One day, Kodaka stumbles upon Yozora Mikazuki as she talks to an imaginary friend. Shortly, new friends realize that they both might become a knit team. Joining their forces, Kodaka and Yozora opted to create the Neighbors Club, such a place where lonely people like they are might find friends.