Fuuka: Will Diomedea Pick Up The Anime For Season 2?

Fuuka: Will Diomedea Pick Up The Anime For Season 2?

It was fairly noted that Diomedea is the studio, which never picks up its anime series for a next season. However, Fuuka seems to be one of their best projects. The first season of this anime consisted of just twelve episodes. Meanwhile, there are only two anime made by Diomedea which contained thirteen episodes, but none of them got a renewal. But numerous fans who watched Fuuka want to figure out whether or not should they wait for a next installment? There is no easy answer to this complicated question. After all, the final decision depends on Diomedea. However, there are many things to discuss in an attempt to learn whether or not Fuuka will return for Season 2?

First, those who were reading the manga claim that is impossible due to a completed storyline. On the other hand, there are sixteen volumes and 155 chapters in the original manga series. The most recent 17th volume was issued on September 15, 2017. Besides, the manga is currently ongoing. In our opinion, there is enough source material that could be adapted into a television series. Perhaps we are wrong, but it's stupid to create just twelve episodes when you have the source consisting of 155 chapters, isn't it?

Another anxious signal is that Fuuka has quite an average score among the viewers. According to MAL, this anime has a rating of 6.75/10 based on 52,000 votes. As a rule, we consider those anime successful, which have a score more than 7.5/10. Nonetheless, in Japan, this indicator doesn't look determinative. However, we still believe that a response from the target audience eventually affects a decision on renewal.

But the primary factor we must take into account is money, of course. If any studio feels that their product might achieve commercial success in its sophomore season, they usually film a sequel. If we look up at the BD/DVD sales of Fuuka, this anime is at the end of the list with about 360 items sold each week. Nevertheless, this figure might well be regarded as favorable. We don't consider such sales disastrous. Thus, for instance, just 402 items of Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records v3 were sold during the same week.

Summing up, the situation with the second season of Fuuka doesn't look so much foggy. The series has a potential for a next season. However, as mentioned above, the renewal is quite unlikely due to a policy of Diomedea, the studio which doesn't pick up their show for the next installments for some reason. Unfortunately, this detail doesn't play in favor of renewal. However, who knows, perhaps, the Diomedea studio will make an exception for Fuuka this time.

Fuuka premiered in January 2017 on WOWOW. Later, other Japanese broadcasters such as Tokyo MX, MBS, BS11, etc., began streaming the anime. The Diomedea studio served as a developer of the television adaptation. Crunchyroll acted as a licensor of the show in North America. The first season of Fuuka consisted of twelve episodes came to an end on March 24, 2017. Since then, there has been no official news about the renewal.

What Is Fuuka About?

If you had no chance to get acquainted with this romantic drama anime series, here is a brief overview below.

The story focuses on Yuu Haruna, an ordinary shy boy who recently moved to a new city. To adapt some way to the new environment, he has become addicted to Twitter, where he shares some details of his usual life. But once Yuu stopped to make a photo, intending to upload it to Twitter. However, he accidentally bumped into a strange girl named Fuuka. She mistakenly supposed that Yuu was about to take a photo of her underwear.

In a fit of rage, Fuuka smashed Yuu's cell phone. But Yuu picked up a CD which Fuuka has accidentally dropped. Next day, Yuu returned it to her, and they start a relationship. Later, Yuu learns that Fuuka doesn't look like other students. She has no mobile phone and isn't addicted to the social networks thereby. Her real passion is music. Thus, Fuuka introduces Yuu into the world of music unknown to him before.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date For Season 2

Though the renewal is quite unlikely, we don't rule out this decision at all. Any day, Diomedea might change their mind and renew Fuuka for a sophomore round. After all, just a little time has passed since the ending of the first season. In any case, if the renewal happens, we won't see Season 2 of Fuuka earlier than in 2019. Given the fact that there is no official announcement till now, we think that we need to expect it until next fall. But, once again, the odds are low. Anyway, we are waiting for the official news. We will update this page as soon as we get any confirmation. Stay tuned for updates.