Fresh Off the Boat Will Return For Season 5 on ABC

Fresh Off the Boat

The fourth season premiere of the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat was a success, as its debut has lost just a bit more than 10 percent of its viewing audience. It seems that the viewers were satisfied with the current installment of the comedy series. But will the show stay afloat? Whether ABC will opt to renew Fresh Off the Boat for a next round or the Taiwanese family goes home? Last time, the sitcom managed to avoid cancellation despite the low demo rating. Both series Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken were not able to remain on the ABC schedule with the same figures. Fortunately, ABC opted to pick up the sitcom for one more round. On May 12, the broadcaster announced that Fresh Off the Boat had been renewed for Season 5.

Honestly, we have been expecting the renewal. You may read our forecast below. The bad sign is that ABC juggles with the number of episodes. This season, the figure decreased up to thirteen episodes, and that's no good. The current installment comes to an end on March 20, 2018. However, ABC has yet to decide the future of the sitcom. We, honestly, don't regard the viewing figures of the current season as so disastrous. The audience of the show has decreased just a bit over 2.5 times since its beginning. The Pilot has garnered 7.94 million viewers, while a penultimate episode of the fourth season has drawn 3.070 million viewers with a 0.90 key demo (P18-49). As a rule, each series on TV loses its target audience from season to season. There's nothing unusual in that rule.

Besides, the viewers have mostly praised the fourth season of Fresh Off the Boat. On Rotten Tomatoes, the current round of the comedy series has a score of 3.9/5 and a 78% approval rating among the viewers. At the same time, an overall score of the sitcom on IMDb also remains pretty high, 7.9/10 > 16,000 votes. Meanwhile, some critics were impressed by watching the season premiere. So, for instance, Miranda Leaf (The Young Folks) calls the 1st episode of Season 4 "the best episode in the series to date" and even names it "a masterpiece episode for the show."

Summing up, everything is not too bad for the current season of Fresh Off the Boat. The sitcom still has a chance to return for Season 5 on ABC. The target audience still adores the show; the ratings look not steady but yet appropriate; the sitcom managed to avoid the cancellation last season. Therefore, we are inclined to think that ABC is about to pick up Fresh Off the Boat for another round. We just need to wait for a while before the official confirmation from the national broadcaster. The current season would end soon. So the waiting won't last for a long time. We hope that the comedy series will manage to survive another decision by ABC.

Fresh Off the Boat Summary

If you have not watched this comedy series on ABC yet, please read a brief overview of Fresh Off the Boat below.

The story focuses on one Taiwanese family living in the US and is inspired by the eponymous Eddie Huang's best-selling memoir. He moved with his family from a Chinatown section of Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida, by having an idea to create own eatery. At that date, in 1995, he was an 11-year-old hip-hop lover. Eddie's father, Louis, has always been dreaming of opening a cowboy-themed steak restaurant. At the same time, his mother, Jessica, was experiencing troubles since the suburb had no sizeable Asian population. Additionally, Jessica desired that her children don't lose connection with their Taiwanese roots. The sitcom thereby depicts the family struggles with assimilating at the new place.

On The Possible Release Date For Season 5 Of The Sitcom

We tend to think that Fresh Off the Boat will return for Season 5 to ABC this October, or next February, given the current schedule of the series. However, in any case, this is just our forecast on the subject. We are looking forward to the confirmation from ABC. We will update the data on this page as soon as the network announces some official info on the subject. As of now, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.