Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma - What About Season 4?

Shokugeki no Souma

Usually, it's difficult to predict the future of some anime series. However, in the case of Shokugeki no Souma, it's much easier. Two successful seasons have come to an end. A third installment kicked off in October. Reportedly, the current season will consist of twenty-four episodes, similar to its predecessors. However, many fans are wondering, will Season 3 be the last chapter of the story, or there could be one more installment? There are numerous subjects to discuss, but the short answer is yes. Although there has been no official confirmation of renewal, plenty of factors point out that Food Wars Season 4 will happen. Let's take a look at the most significant of them to figure out why we so confident in that fact.

The first and foremost indicator is that there is enough source material for producing one more season of the anime. Fortunately, the original manga series contains twenty-six volumes consisting of 226 chapters as of now. The last, 26th Volume was issued on September 4, 2017. The manga is currently ongoing, besides. Season 1 of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma covered the first eight volumes, while the second season served as an adaptation for the next seven volumes. Finally, the current season, which started with chapter 118, will end somewhere closer to Volume 20. As a result, there remain at least six volumes to adapt. Given the fact that about two volumes are issued within two months, there would be enough source materials by the end of the third season of Food Wars.

Our next indicator is such a brilliant reception which the anime has received from the target audience. Though we can't consider this factor a primary, at least in Japan, it nonetheless fully reflects the opinion of the viewers. Shokugeki no Souma Season 1 has a score of 8.56/10 according to > 295,000 votes on MyAnimeList. A sophomore season has a rating of 8.46/10 ~ 182,700 votes. This figure is a bit lower but still pretty high. Finally, the current score for Season 3 is 8.59/10 ~ 21,000 votes. This value is even higher compared to the same of Season 1. Thus, the show is incredibly popular. Moreover, its popularity keeps on rising.

Finally, we might look up at the BD/DVD sales of the series. On an average, about 800 items are sold per week. This indicator is not impressive, actually, but it is enough to cover the expenses. Summing up, all the numbers presented above point out that Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma would return for Season 4 in the foreseeable future. We just need to wait for the official announcement, to find out the exact release date. We'll speculate on the subject a bit below.

Shokugeki no Souma premiered in April 2015 on TBS. Soon, MBS, CBC, BS-TBS, and other Japanese broadcasters began airing the anime. J.C.Staff Co., Ltd. acted as a developer of the television adaptation. Sentai Filmworks has acquired rights for the series in North America. A second season kicked off on July 2, 2016. The current installment debuted on October 4, 2017. The first consisted of twenty-four episodes, while the second one contained only thirteen. The current season is ongoing and will come to an end someday in March of 2018. There has been no official news about the fourth installment as of yet. However, we are confident that the announcement appears soon.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma Summary

The story focuses on Souma Yukihira, a 15-year-old boy who aspires to become a full-time chef in the family's restaurant. However, his father was forced to travel overseas due to his new job opportunity. As a result, he decided to close the restaurant. But Souma doesn't want to leave the family business. Thus, his father thrown Souma a challenge. If he wants to take control of his father's eatery, Souma must perfect his culinary skills at Tootsuki Culinary Academy, where only one out of ten has a chance to graduate. To showcase their culinary talents, the students must fight each other in the so-called "food wars." The storyline thereby follows the adventures of Souma in the Academy where he acquires new cooking experience as well as new friends.

About The Possible Release Date For Season 4

Since there has been no official confirmation of the exact release date for the next season, we might think a bit on the subject. As mentioned above, we schedule that the current season will conclude next March. Therefore, we assume that the show's creators need about a year to produce and promote the new season. As a result, we doubt that Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma Season 4 starts earlier than in 2019. The winter or even spring of 2019 looks very favorable period for the release of the new season. However, we don't rule out that the J.C.Staff studio might release the fourth season next fall, though this unlikely. In any case, we must wait for the official announcement. Of course, we will inform you as soon as possible on the subject. Stay tuned for updates.