Family Guy Season 18 Release Date Announced by FOX

Family Guy

On February 12, 2019, FOX officially announced that the networks most provocative animated sitcom Family Guy had been renewed for Season 18, which is set to premiere on Sunday, September 29, 2019, at 9:30-10:00 PM. There are no data about the official synopsis for the upcoming season so far, yet it's clear that The Griffins prepared a lot of fun and exciting jokes in Season 18.

In addition, on April 8, 2019, DeadLine reported exclusively that Family Guy will be also aired on FXX and FreeForm, on a par with The Simpsons. By the way, another FOX's hit Bob's Burgers has also been included in the lineup. Nothing special in that FOX is going to broadcast the network's absolute animated hit on the sister channel FXX, yet the decision to sell the series to the The Walt Disney Company owned FreeForm looks suspicious, at least for us. However, given the fact that FreeForm is formerly ABC Family, which is, in turn, once Fox Family Channel, everything falls into place.

Everything is stable, talking about the television ratings of Family Guy. That's why it was entirely expectable and even predictable that FOX is about to order the 18th season of the animated sitcom. Family Guy Season 17 premiere has garnered 2.57 million viewers with a 1.2/5 key demo/share (P18-49), losing thereby only a 7.94% of the target audience versus Season 16.

Of course, one may argue that the fourth season, for instance, has drawn about twelve million viewers (11.85) during its premiere. In the backdrop of such impressive ratings, the statistics of the seventeenth season look weak. But please guys, let's take into account that Family Guy is still remaining on the FOX channel lineup within seventeen seasons, and one more season has been confirmed recently.

The current, seventeenth season has not been met by the viewers positively, according to the statistics on Rotten Tomatoes (3.3/5|50%) and Metacritic(5.4/10). Nonetheless, we should take into account that Family Guy is the adult sitcom, which is not for everyone, isn't it? The recent deal with FX Networks only proves the network's (FOX) plans about the future of the series. We tend to believe that FOX would order at least two more season, while, frankly, we are almost confident that there would be ten or even fifteen seasons more.

Family Guy Summary

The story focuses on the Griffin family and their patriarch Peter Griffin in particular. Perhaps you won't be able to find another guy with such preposterous state of mind like Peter. That's why his life looks like total madness. Noteworthy that sometimes Peter manages to gain benefit and even profit from various madcap situations he creates. Nonetheless, as a rule, his another prank concludes with a catastrophe.

Fortunately, Peter's beloved wife, Lois, takes care of him. In fact, Peter behaves like an adult child, who just strives to have fun. However, his elder son, Chris, looks even more stupid in the backdrop of his father. Peter's daughter Meg lives in total ignorance of her parents. She serves, besides, as a scapegoat. Meanwhile, a child named Stewie is the only intelligent family member. Stewie is a diabolic prodigy who hates his stupid family and the whole world. At the same time, his intentions sometimes work in favor of the family.

Finally, an anthropomorphic dog named Brian is the favorite family pet. By the way, Brian fluently speaks English and even writes novels. Brian behaves like the intellectual snob. However, such manner could impress just maybe silly girls whom Brian used to seduce. Peter, as a rule, spends his free time in a local pub, The Drunken Clam, where he conducts useless conversations with his best friends, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe.