Everything Sucks!: Is Netflix Going To Order A Season 2 Of The Show?

Everything Sucks!: Is Netflix Going To Order A Season 2 Of The Show?

Do you feel nostalgia for the VHS era? We are confident that those of you who do feel have already watched another masterpiece by Netflix titled Everything Sucks! Yeah, this web series is indeed touching for those who grew up in the '90s. This "analog" era has been intriguing and attractive, especially for teenagers, who have discovered the world of VHS. Many of us have been experiencing hysteria when Netflix released their hit, Stranger Things.

Despite the fact that Everything Sucks! differs from its top-rated critically-acclaimed rival in many ways, this web series yet has a chance to turn into another hit. Since Netflix releases all episodes of its web series at once, many subscribers wonder whether Everything Sucks! will be returning for a next round? There has been no announcement on the subject so far. However, we could speculate a bit on the matter in an attempt to foresee the future of this show.

As a rule, the figures tell for themselves. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at some statistics to evaluate the odds of Everything Sucks! to be renewed for a next installment. Generally speaking, the response from critics was positive, while the viewers were mostly impressed by watching this web series.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of Everything Sucks! has a score of 5.42/10 and a 63% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated this coming-of-age dramedy at 4.4/5/86%. On Metacritic, the statistics look almost similar, 62/100 and 7.0/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, the indicator of the web series seems high enough, 7.4/10 ~ 500 votes. So, as we have made sure, Everything Sucks! has received principally favorable reviews from both critics and viewers.

Without a doubt, you realize that having been successful with Stranger Things, Netflix has discovered your Achilles' heel. The global broadcaster comprehends that your weak point is nostalgia about own high school experience. Any adult dreams to revive those years. After all, childhood is the best trial everyone has ever experienced. That's why we will watch more similar web series on Netflix in the foreseeable future. However, the more powerful effect that such kind of show could evoke is the illustration of the atmosphere of your childhood.

Nonetheless, it's a bold step for Netflix to touch such deep feelings inside your heart. On the other hand, it's an effective commercial trick for investors since the target audience of Everything Sucks! are mostly adults 18-49 (the so-called key audience). Summing up, we believe that there would be a Season 2 of Everything Sucks! on Netflix since the network knows how to deal with its target audience. Thus, we conclude that this is just a matter of time when Netflix announces Everything Sucks! Season 2. We just need to wait for a while.

Everything Sucks! Summary

If you have not yet watched this coming-of-age comedy-drama web series on Netflix, please read a brief overview of Everything Sucks! below.

The story focuses on two groups of students who attend the Boring High School in Oregon, in the 1990s. The show's protagonist is Luke O'Neil, a freshman, who enrolled Boring together with his friends, McQuaid and Tyler. Because of their geeky nature, the guys rapidly become social outcasts. As a result, their first experience at school is the attending the local A/V Club. Here Luke falls in love with Kate, the principal's daughter. Meanwhile, Kate doubts concerning her sexuality. But she gets into the field of view of Emaline Addario, a drama student. In spite of this, Kate starts dating with Luke, hoping to avoid the rumors about her sexual orientation.

Due to a sudden accident, the play has been canceled. However, Luke, assisted by his friends, offers the AV Club and Drama Club to join forces in an attempt to produce a movie. His goal is to show this film for the entire school. In the meantime, Luke finds VHS tapes left by his father before leaving him with his mother.

About The Likely Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, we are almost confident that Netflix is about to renew Everything Sucks! for a sophomore season. At least, all the statistics point out this fact. Nonetheless, Netflix has yet to decide the future of the series. However, in the case of a positive decision, we tend to think that Everything Sucks! could return for Season 2 in February of 2019, taking into account the current schedule of the web series. So we are looking forward to the official announcement by Netflix. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.