Eromanga Sensei: Will The Anime Get A Season 2?

Eromanga Sensei

Perhaps you have already had a chance to get acquainted with the most controversial anime of the year. Yes, we're talking about the new romantic comedy Eromanga Sensei. Of course, you're confused regarding what happened in the eleventh episode, and, therefore, you are looking forward to a sophomore season to find out the ending of the story. However, there has been no official news on the subject of Season 2 as of yet. Nonetheless, let's try to predict the future of the series, as there are many things to discuss. We, frankly, believe that Eromanga Sensei Season 2 would take place. Below, there are the reasons why we think so.

The primary question we want to discuss, is there enough source material to produce a next season of the series? Fortunately, the answer is yes it is. There is enough content to create even Season 3 of Eromanga Sensei. The original light novel series contains nine volumes, while only three of them served a source of the first season of the anime. Moreover, the original series is currently ongoing. Therefore, it could be a long-term project in the case if the series creators decide of adapting more volumes of the original storyline. Unfortunately, only A-1 Pictures knows for sure will they move forward to produce another season of the anime soon, or Eromanga Sensei goes on a long hiatus.

However, let's take a look at another indicator that might affect the decision on renewal. Frankly, a reception was average but primarily favorable. The viewers have rated the romantic comedy at 7.02/10 based on ~ 88,700 votes, according to MyAnimeList. Despite the fact that this figure seems to be a bit weak, we still consider it satisfactory as a second factor capable of affecting the decision. If we take a look at the same point on Crunchyroll, we may see that the anime has received a mixed response from the target audience. The viewers considered Eromanga Sensei equal to a score of 3.6/5 stars.

This indicator doesn't seem high as well. However, it rather positive than negative. If we explore the worst reviews, we may find various opinions that "this show leans all around the idea of incest" and so on. Of course, this fact served a major thing that caused the anger of some viewers. On the other hand, precisely this spicy detail assisted a success of the anime. So, we can't reject this factor at all.

Season 1 of the anime started off in April 2017. A-1 Pictures served a studio that developed the series. Aniplex of America acted as a licensor of the anime in North America. The series first aired on Tokyo MX, in Japan. Subsequently, AT-X, TVA, BS11, and other Japanese channels picked up the series to broadcast. In the United States, Eromanga Sensei is available for online video streaming on Crunchyroll. By the way, we suggest you read their curious article on the subject of the real-world locations of this anime. Indeed, the series creators managed to create the open world of the anime very close to real Japanese streets. Season 1 of the series consists of twelve episodes.

What Is Eromanga Sensei About?

The story follows an aspired novelist Masamune Izumi. He is an experienced author. However, he has to enlist the help of an anonymous artist, which assist him to draw perverted images for his work, as Masamune isn't able to accomplish this job himself. This mysterious partner has a controversial nickname, "Eromanga Sensei." But, once, during his first autograph session, Masamune learns that his anonymous partner is, in fact, his younger step-sibling sister, Sagiri.

After the sudden death of their parents, she locked up herself in her room, avoiding any contacts with the outer world. Attempting to provide the family, Masamune started work as a light novel author. So, as turned out, Sagiri assisted Masamune on the way to success. Learning that his sister hid behind the mask of Eromanga Sensei, he decides to release Sagiri out of her room. Shortly they both enter the world of light novel industry. However, the primary storyline focuses on the development of their relationship as step-siblings.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date

So, we figured out that Eromanga Sensei Season 2 is very possible. But when might it happen? Given the fact that the first season of the anime concluded this summer, we think that the series creators need at least one year to produce and promote the new season. Therefore, we believe that Eromanga Sensei Season 2 will start next fall, in the case if the series creators decided to pick up the series for another installment. In any case, we would like to wait for the official announcement. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.