Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend) Season 2 Is Just A Matter of Time

Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend) Season 2 Is Just A Matter of Time

Those of you who finished watching Domestic Girlfriend are likely concerned about the possibility of Season 2 of the anime. The first thing you should know is that there is no official announcement of the 2nd season so far. Yet, in spite of this, we have every reason to believe that Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend) Season 2 is just a matter of time. There are several things we want to discuss in order to prove such an opinion. Below, we would like to reveal each of them.

No doubt you know, that Domestic na Kanojo is based on a Japanese manga series of the same named written by Kei Sasuga. The good news is that the manga is far ahead of the anime series. Moreover, as a rule, five new volumes are issued every year. Four out of five new volumes of the Domestic Girlfriend manga have already scheduled for 2019. The 22nd volume was issued on March 15, 2019, while the rest are scheduled up to November 15, 2019. Given the fact that Domestic na Kanojo consists of only twelve episodes, we have a lot of source materials for the further television adaptations. This point sounds very positive, when it comes to the possibility of renewal.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 has been praised by the viewers, in general, given the data presented by MyAnimeList . According to their statistics, the 1st installment of Domestic na Kanojo holds a score of 7.23/10 based on over 55,300 votes. Such reception can't be considered as extraordinary, yet the value is more than enough to make a decision on renewal. Domestic na Kanojo has been highly praised on Crunchyroll as well, and holds a score of 4.5 out of 5. The only statistics we are waiting for is the BD/DVD sales of the anime since these data could expand our forecast.

Summing up, we regard the odds of Domestic Girlfriend to be renewed for another round as extremely high. Therefore, we are waiting for the official announcement of these data from the Diomedea studio. Once the studio announces the renewal, we will update this page.

Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend) Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, Domestic na Kanojo is yet to be confirmed officially. However, in the case of renewal, we have a chance to see the 2nd season already next year since it doesn't take a lot of time to produce another single cour season for an anime series. We thereby expect Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 in January 2020. But still, since there is no official news on the subject so far, this is nothing but our forecast. As soon as we have some new reliable information from the Diomedea studio, we will publish it on this page. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Domestic na Kanojo Summary

The story focuses on Natsuo Fujii, a high school student, who fell in love with his teacher, Hina, yet his love is unrequited. However, by a chance, Natsuo stumbled upon an odd girl, Rui Tachibana, who has seduced him to have a sex with her. Natsuo doesn't know the girl closely, and, looks like she doesn't want to develop their relationship and lift them to another level. As a result, Natsuo is frustrated since he believes that he has betrayed his love. Yet the things become ever more complicated, when Natsuo learns that Rui is Hina's younger sister. Furthermore, they both are daughters of his father's new beloved woman, Tokiko Tachibana, to whom his father soon want to make marriage proposal.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 premiered on January 12, 2019, on MBS (the Animeism programming block). Soon after, MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS started broadcasting the series. The Diomedea studio served as a developer of the television adaptation. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the anime in North America. Domestic na Kanojo Season 1 concluded on March 30, 2019. Since then, there has been no news about another season.