Deception Is Canceled By ABC And Won't Return For Season 2

Deception Is Canceled By ABC And Won't Return For Season 2

This month ABC released a series with quite a curious concept. Deception is a crime drama about a magician assisting the FBI. The idea looks a bit weird. However, it seems that the viewers have appreciated such mixture of magic and a procedural drama. Of course, critics were confused since they had no idea how to relate to the ABC freshman. Quoting Chris Barton from LA Times, "It's all pretty absurd," he said, "but the show is too light on its feet to begrudge for long."

Indeed, Deception looks at least unusual in its concept. However, doesn't matter how it may look when the primary goal is to impress the viewers. Those who watched the show's pilot likely wonder whether there will be a second season of Deception on ABC?

Honestly, we doubted in the future of the series, but have been hoping for the decision on renewal. Unfortunately, we were wrong in our forecast since ABC opted to cancel the show after just one season.

First, we'd like to pay your attention to the viewing figures of the Pilot. Deception has garnered about six million (5.925) viewers during its premiere with a 1.20 key demo (P18-49). We frankly consider this figure quite robust. If Deception manages to keep such ratings within the entire season, we will dare to assume that it could back for Season 2 on ABC.

Now, let's take a look at the response from critics and viewers. As mentioned above, the reaction from critics was mainly ambivalent. At the same time, the viewers found the show exciting enough, given the statistics by Rotten Tomatoes. According to their data, Deception holds a score of 6.01/10 and a 63% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated the Pilot at 3.9/5/70%. On Metacritic, the indicators were a bit lower, 51/100 and 6.3/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, Deception has an overall score of 7.6/10 > 700 votes.

Summing up, despite the seeming absurdity of the idea, Deception has managed to impress the target audience. In addition, the crime drama has showcased quite solid ratings. As a result, we conclude that ABC would likely opt to renew Deception for Season 2. We just will have to wait for a while before the official confirmation of the national broadcaster. Of course, one may argue that the ratings could drop later. However, even if the viewing audience decreased below the mark of two million viewers per episode, we tend to believe that Deception will remain in the ABC lineup in the next television season.

What's The Show Deception About?

If you have yet to get acquainted with this crime drama on ABC, please read a brief overview of Deception below.

The story focuses on Cameron Black, a famous LA magician whose career is threatened by a scandal. However, Cameron managed to find another place where he could apply his skills in practice. The FBI is the bureau, which used to hire talented people. It turns out that Cameron's abilities to hide the massive objects and impress naive people are quite useful for the bureau. That's how Cameron has become a consulting illusionist for the FBI. It's a good chance for Cameron to prove his skills using the national resources (including money) to accomplish all his high-tech tricks. After all, Cameron's savvy allows the bureau to catch the most dangerous criminals in the world, as well as to solve crimes that look entirely impossible. Besides, this opportunity allows Cameron to create the biggest illusions of his career.