Counterpart Looks Promising; Should We Expect A Season 2?

Counterpart Looks Promising; Should We Expect A Season 2?

Perhaps you've seen this new sci-fi espionage thriller released by STARZ this winter. It seems that the network is about to fill the gap in video content for the male audience. Counterpart looks promising, and STARZ apparently pins hopes on this show, considering it as a new analog of Outlander for the male audience. Now we have a chance to observe the first results of Counterpart on STARZ, and we suppose that the network is satisfied with the results of the show's debut. But whether or not STARZ is going to renew Counterpart for a sophomore installment? Let's take a look at some essential indicators in an attempt to foresee the future of the show.

The show's premiere has garnered 0.394 million viewers with a 0.08 key demo (P18-49). Of course, this indicator is lower than those of Outlander. However, if we compare this figure with the viewership of another male show on STARZ, Power, we may see almost the same result. The Pilot of Power has drawn 0.462 million viewers, for comparison. Without a doubt, it's difficult to evaluate the show relying only on the results of its Pilot. However, if the next episodes will showcase the figures close to the mark of 0.40 million viewers per episode, we think that STARZ's heads would appreciate such trend.

Another fundamental factor is the reception by critics and viewers. In the case of Counterpart, this indicator looks excellent. The show's first season has received a brilliant response from both critics and viewers. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of Counterpart has a score of 8.5/10 and a 100% approval rating from critics, as well as 4.4/5 and a 92 % approval rating among the viewers. On Metacritic, the series has a score of 75/100 and 8.5/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. An overall score of Counterpart on IMDb is very high as well, 8.5/10 ~ 1,200 votes.

Summing up, we believe that Counterpart has strong odds of returning for a next season on STARZ. This show possesses the impressive reception, steady ratings, original idea, and immense potential. This television series looks quite ambitious. We assume that STARZ has conceived this show as a long-running project similar to Outlander. We will carefully follow this show to expand our forecast. But already now, Counterpart looks like a top-rated product. It is especially worth noting how marvelously J. K. Simmons copes with his role in this espionage thriller.

Counterpart Summary

If you still had no chance to watch this show, here is a brief overview below.

The story focuses on Howard Silk, a minor employee in the governmental bureaucratic system. He works in the German-based UN spy agency. His life resembles a routine without any exciting events. But one day, Howard starts to suspect that the bureau where he works is, in fact, something different unlike he supposed before. It turns out that his organization watches over a gate between two parallel worlds.

This unexpected twist makes Howard a key figure in the covert confrontation between two mirror realities. When there is no one to trust, the only person Howard can rely upon is his near-identical counterpart from this parallel world. But Howard's mission becomes ever dangerous at his every turn since he found himself drawn into a vast conspiracy. The show thereby follows the adventures of Howard between two sides of reality, with the vital issue "what if our lives could have been different?"

Regarding The Possible Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, we almost sure that STARZ is about to pick up Counterpart for a second season. Unfortunately, there have been no official words on the subject as of yet. The first season of Counterpart consists of ten episodes. We know already that the seventh episode of Season 1 will premiere on March 4, 2018. As a result, given the schedule, the first season of Counterpart comes to an end on March 25, 2018.

We doubt, honestly, that STARZ has time to film the second installment to be in time for this fall. As a result, we suppose that the next season might start this December or in January 2019. Were we right or not, we will see. In any case, we are waiting for the official announcement from STARZ. We will refresh this page as soon as getting some additional data. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed on the topic.