Why Chernobyl Will Never Return For A Season 2

Why Chernobyl Will Never Return For A Season 2

Certainly a historical drama Chernobyl, which premiered in May on HBO is a television masterpiece, and therefore most of you are looking forward to a Season 2. And of course, it's worth noting that the drama series has received the universal acclaim. The world of television is such that no matter what is the series about, if the viewers' demand is high, a network should find a way to renew a show to another round.

Unfortunately, in the case with Chernobyl there can't be another season, no way, since the television series describes the completed events. The disaster which happened to the people living nearby to the nuclear plant is horrifying, and the show's creators, thereby attempted to depict the nightmare which these people witnessed.

No matter what did you hear about Chernobyl Season 2, the historical drama has initially been conceived as a mini-series. To be sure of that Chernobyl Season 2 won't happen, we suggest you take a look at the tweet published on Craig Mazin's official Twitter page, where the show's creator answers "NO" regarding the possibility of a Season 2. The decision is complete and will never be changed.

Summing up, Chernobyl, as we know it, will never return for a Season 2. Yet if we take a look at the drama series under another angle, there could be a totally new series, which might explain the reasons of the nuclear disaster, as well as to depict its aftermath.

Chernobyl Statistics

Even despite we know now that Chernobyl won't return for a Season 2, we nonetheless want to explore how the show has been met by critics and viewers, and what public response it caused. As mentioned above, Chernobyl Season 1 has received the universal acclaim. Both critics and viewers found the show above praise.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Chernobyl Season 1 holds a score of 8.96/10 and a 96% approval rating from critics, while viewers have rated the historical drama at 4.8 out of 5, and have given a 98% rating. On Metacritic, Chernobyl has a rating of 83/100 and 9.4/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. At the same time, on IMDb, Chernobyl keeps an unprecedented high score of 9.6/10 based on almost 270,000 votes.

Chernobyl Season 1 premiere has garnered 0.756 million viewers in the US, with a 0.19 key demo rating among adults (P18-49). In the UK, the viewing audience of the show's premiere was 861K viewers. Also worth noting that the viewership has raised by the end of the season. In the US, the season finale has drawn over one million viewers (1.089), while in the UK, the viewing figures were even higher, 2.112 million.

Chernobyl Summary

Bases on a true story, the events take place in Pripyat, a currently ghost city in northern Ukraine, which formerly was a part of the USSR, and was the place where the most horrifying tragedy in the human history happened.

The storyline unfolds in 1986, and unravels the story of people who have been responsible for the disaster as well as those who reacted to it. The show's concept was to reveal lesser known facts that could shed light on the events happened to the nuclear plant, including the heroic actions of those people who have been trying to cope with the aftermath of the disaster.