Does Charlotte Has A Chance For Season 2?

Does Charlotte Has A Chance For Season 2?

Many fans are wondering why many of good anime series went on hiatus for years or even a decade. However, in the case of such anime as Charlotte which has no initial source, this question is doubly complicated. When an anime has no roots in a light novel series or manga, the show's creators are trying to develop a complete product to guarantee revenue. And if only they received commercial success, it's time to think about a sequel. Numerous fans doubted that Charlotte might get at least an OVA. However, on March 30, 2016, P.A.Works released a special OVA episode titled Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi. Thus, now this anime looks fully completed, and it apparently can't obtain the following installment. But are the odds low so much? Maybe we still have to keep hoping?

Despite the fact that Charlotte appears to be a completed project, there is still one detail able to affect the decision of renewal. We call it money. Unlike the US producers, much of Japanese studios are mostly targeted at revenue. By the way, this is one of the fundamental reasons why you can't get another television adaptation of your favorite manga or light novel series. The issue is that many Japanese publishers order an anime series as promotional material for their mangas. That's why these studios film just one season. Thus, given the fact that it's quite expensive to create a television adaptation, they stop filming.

But the BD/DVD sales of Charlotte were excellent. About 6,000 BD items were sold in Japan per week in 2016. If we look up 2015, we found almost the same figures which means that the sales were steady within two years (Series average: 7,232). Therefore, if we gaze at this issue from this angle, the show still has a chance for a second installment due to its commercial success.

Let's now pay our attention to a reception by the target audience. The first season of Charlotte has a score of 7.92/10 > 273,200 votes on MyAnimeList. An OVA has a rating of 7.56/10 ~ 32,000 votes. So the demand of viewers is evident. Besides, we managed to find only positive reviews from the viewers. As a result, the demand for Season 2 is pretty high.

Summing up, we admit that the show's ending seemed to be entirely completed. But we must take into account that when an anime has no source excepting its script, the show's creator might find some tricky solution from this situation and create another installment. Moreover, Charlotte showcased impressive results in the BD/DVD sales. Therefore, a chance for Season 2 doesn't look so much foggy in that case.

Charlotte premiered in July 2015 on Tokyo MX. Soon after, CBC, TUT, BS11, and other Japanese broadcasters started airing the anime. P.A.Works Corporation served as a developer of the television series. Aniplex of America Inc. acted as a licensor of the anime in North America. The first season of Charlotte consisted of thirteen episodes came to an end on September 27, 2015. An OVA titled Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi started off on March 30, 2016. Since then, there has been no official news regarding Charlotte Season 2.

What Is Charlotte About?

The story focuses on Yuu Otosaka, a student who possesses an ability to penetrate into others mind and take control of them for five seconds. This ability allowed him to enroll a prestigious high school. Nonetheless, Yuu keeps a secret about his paranormal possibilities for years. But he lives in the world where superhuman power is common. In this parallel universe, some teenagers aged 12-16 possess superpowers. That's why Yuu used to use his skills secretly.

However, one day, an enigmatic a first-year student Nao Tomori discovers that Yuu hides his real abilities. Therefore, she decides to force him to enroll to Hoshinoumi Academy together with his sister, Ayumi, a special school for the students with supernatural abilities. Nao is a president of the student council. Her mission is to track down the students who abuse their supernatural skills. Thus, Nao convinced Yuu to join the council. Facing numerous challenges, he eventually learns that his abilities are, in fact, much more powerful than he could even imagine.

Concerning The Possible Release Date For Season 2

We know that it's unlikely that Charlotte can get Season 2 someday. Nonetheless, as mentioned above, we don't rule out this possibility. Some factors may affect the decision on renewal. But if the second season happens, we tend to believe that it will start not earlier than in March of 2019 due to the initial schedule of the first season. Nevertheless, anyway, we are waiting for the official announcement. We update this page as soon as obtaining some additional data on the subject. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.