CBS Orders A New Season Of Bull


Despite the mixed and to some extent negative reviews from critics, Bull managed to survive in the CBS lineup last season. The second installment looked promising. However, CBS hasn't been hurrying to announce the renewal. Without a doubt, you are concerned about the future of Bull. Whether CBS is going to give a chance for Bull to remain for one more season? There is no more reason to panic since on April 18, CBS proclaimed that the network had renewed Bull for a third season.

Since we have been expecting the positive decision, we made a forecast on the subject. We suggest you get acquainted with our small study to figure out how (in our opinion) CBS estimates their television projects before announcing the final decision.

Unfortunately, Bull couldn't boast about the excellent reception by critics and viewers. We thereby considered this factor rather average than negative. However, let's take a look at some figures. Critics have met the first season of the show very negatively. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first chapter of Bull has a score of 3.99/10 with a 23% approval rating from critics. On Metacritic, both critics and viewers have evaluated the show with mixed reviews, with a score of 40/100, 4.8/10 (among critics/viewers, respectively). In spite of this, CBS opted to renew the series for a next season.

It turned out, the decision wasn't in vain. The second installment of the series has showcased the impressive results. On Rotten Tomatoes, Bull Season 2 has a score of 4/5 with a 70% approval rating. Meanwhile, on Metacritic, the current season has a score of 7.9/10 among the viewers. Thus, we have been witnessing the uptrend, isn't it? An overall rating of Bull on IMDb is 6.8/10 > 8,000 votes.

However, the main reason which explains why we believed in Bull Season 3 was its excellent statistics in the television ratings. The target audience significantly dropped by the end of Season 1. However, the next season premiere has garnered 10.06 million viewers with a 1.3/5 rating/share (P18-49). The figures were strong in the first half of Season 2.

It turned out that we were right since the ratings were steady in the second half of the season. We believed that if Bull keeps such stable or even uptrend in Season 2, CBS would inevitably have to renew the drama for another round. It seems that the network's leadership were tracking down the statistics as we did. Therefore, they opted to pick up Bull for Season 3.

Bull Brief Overview

If you didn't have a chance to watch this drama series on CBS yet, we suggest you read a brief overview of Bull below. Otherwise, you may scroll down to find out our forecast about the likely release date for Season 3.

The story focuses on Dr. Jason Bull, who owns a prospering trial consulting firm. His primary goal is to provide a successful result for any cases of his clients in court. Bull's approach is a usage of various experts in psychology to foresee the possible actions of jurors, lawyers, witnesses, etc. His team consists of the top-level, experienced professionals in several branches of science. Dr. Bull is charming and impudent, similar to his methods. Thanks to his unique approach, intuition, and innate talent, Bull allows his clients to avoid prosecution and clear their names.

Season 3 Release Date

As mentioned above, we were confident that CBS is about to pick up Bull for another season. This show has a chance for more seasons, in our opinion. Ten million viewers per episode, it is the excellent results for Season 2. Fortunately, in April, CBS announced the renewal of Bull for another installment, which is scheduled to premiere in the 2018-19 broadcast season.

Both previous rounds of the show have kicked off in September. As a result, we think that CBS isn't about to change their mind. Therefore, it seems that Bull would return for Season 3 in September 2018. Of course, this is nothing but our forecast. However, it has a solid ground. So we expect the upcoming premiere this fall. Anyway, we are looking forward to the official report from CBS. And we will update the data on this page as soon as getting some additional info about the release date from the network. So, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.