Britannia Is Coming Back For Season 2 This Fall

Britannia Is Coming Back For Season 2 This Fall

On April 13, 2019, Sky Atlantic dropped an exclusive trailer for Britannia Season 2, according to which the historical fantasy television show is coming back in the fall of 2019 on the small screens. British Sky Atlantic jointly with Amazon Video, both have launched an ambitious television project titled Britannia. This period drama looks promising due to its concept to describe the events that took place in AD 43, during the Roman conquest of Britain.

Despite the fact that Britannia has initially been conceived as a mini-series, it was clear that Britannia Season 2 has been just a matter of time. Yet the decision on renewal has been announced only a year after the 1st season premiere.

Britannia Season 2 Official Synopsis

The upcoming season describes the events that are taking place two years after General Aulus invaded Britannia, according to the official synopsis. His new mission is to romanize Celt tribes thanks to the assistance of Celtic Queen Amena, as well as to suppress those who dared to resist. Yet his behaviour looks suspicious since it looks like he bears in mind another tricky plan.

The only hope which remained for Druids and Celts is Cait, a young girl, who has been trained by outcast Druid Divis. According to a prophecy, she will be a savior who is capable of rescuing Britannia from the Romans. However, when the dead man wakes up, two Druid brothers, Veran and Harka start an epic fight, which splits the Druids into the two opposite camps, and thereby threatens the prophecy to never come true.

Nothing more is clear so far about the storyline of the upcoming season, yet as soon as Sky Atlantic reveals any more information on the subject, we will update this page.

Britannia Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, Britannia Season 2 is set to premiere this fall on Sky Atlantic. However, Amazon Prime Video has yet to announce any premiere date for the upcoming season of the epic saga. Nonetheless, given the fact that both Sky Atlantic and AMAZON started airing Britannia simultaneously, we tend to think that the premiere of Britannia Season 2 would take place same date on both networks. But still, we would prefer to wait for the official announcement on the subject of the exact date. So guys, stay tuned for updates. As soon as AMAZON announces the exact premiere date, we will inform you on this page.

Britannia Statistics

Britannia has received mixed yet mostly favorable reviews from critics and viewers. On Rotten Tomatoes, the British series holds a score of 6.5/10 with a 74% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have rated the show at 3.6/5 and have given a 67% approval rating. Yet on Metacritic, the series has a rating of 64/100 and 5.5/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, Britannia has an overall rating of 6,7/10 based on about 8,500 votes. Summing up, the US audience has found the show mainly exciting.

Britannia Summary

The story unfolds at the beginning of the new millennium, in AD 43. In those days, Britannia has been inhabited by the warlike Celtic tribes that were not ready to find themselves under the rulership of the foreigners, who came from the far south. During the Romain invasion of Britannia, two Celtic female rival warriors, Kerra and Antedia, have to join their forces to repel the Roman legion under the leadership of Aulus Plautius.