Blue Bloods Season 9 Is To Be Back In September

Blue Bloods Season 9 Is To Be Back In September

This season of a police procedural series Blue Bloods comes to an end May 11, 2018. Of course, you're eager to know whether there will be a ninth season of the series on CBS? It's time to relax since CBS announced on April 18 that Blue Bloods had been renewed for a next round. Moreover, the broadcaster has picked up eleven prime-time series for the respective upcoming seasons.

In fact, we have been expecting the favorable decision of CBS. Indeed, the procedural series has lost only 4.87% of its viewing audience. Besides, the eighth season has received mostly acceptable reviews from both critics and viewers.

The season premiere has garnered over ten million viewers (10.039) with a 1.15 key demo among adults 18-49. The figures were steady during the entire season. Accordingly, nothing is surprising that CBS has opted to renew the show. The twelfth episode titled "The Brave" has drawn 10.168 million viewers, for instance. As mentioned above, the current installment of Blue Bloods has received a positive reception from the target audience. On Rotten Tomatoes, the eighth season holds a score of 4.3/5 and an 88% approval rating among the viewers. However, on Metacritic, the indicator was a bit lower, 5.0/10. Meanwhile, an overall score of Blue Bloods on IMDb is still pretty high, 7.5/10 ~ 25,800 votes.

Of course, it's clear that the viewership of Blue Bloods is gradually decreasing. But the drop in the viewing audience is insignificant. Besides, the percentage of decrease from season to season is barely perceptible. As a result, we tend to believe that there would be more seasons of Blue Bloods on CBS soon.

What's The Show Blue Bloods About?

We suggest you watch Blue Bloods if you didn't yet. Please read a brief overview of the crime drama series below. Otherwise, you might scroll down to figure out the details about the release date for the upcoming season.

The story focuses on Frank Reagan and his family. Frank is an NYPD Commissioner as well as a patriarch of the clan of cops in several generations. Danny is Frank's firstborn; he is an experienced detective and Iraqi War veteran who on occasion uses doubtful methods to solve cases. Erin, Frank's daughter, works as an assistant district attorney. Jamie is the youngest Reagan and a Harvard graduate. He refused the promising job in a prestigious law firm to follow the family's tradition in police work. As a result, Jamie participated in a covert investigation that even his father didn't seem aware of.

Season 9 Release Date

Well, now it's clear that Blue Bloods will be returning for a ninth round in the 2018-19 broadcast season. According to the official CBS schedule, the upcoming premiere is slated for Friday, September 28, 2018 at 10/9c.