Black Lightning Season 4: Whether There Will Be A New Season?

Black Lightning Season 4: Whether There Will Be A New Season?

Black Lightning is now in its third installment. However, most of devoted fans are trying to figure out whether there will be a Season 4 of the superhero series on The CW? The cable broadcaster has yet to announce any decision on the subject so far, and you're no doubt upset because of this. But still, we have every reason to believe that Black Lightning must return for at least one more season, and below we are going to explain why we believe so.

A sad fact, but the viewing audience of Black Lightning is gradually decreasing. Last season, the show has lost about a half of the viewing audience (-49.63%) during the premiere. This time, we are witnessing a downward trend for over 22%. Black Lightning Season 3 premiere has garnered 0.891 million viewers with a key demo 0.32 (-20%) among adults (P18-49). The following episodes of the season have showcased even worse television ratings, S3E2 -- 0.629 and S3E3 -- 0.611 million viewers, respectively. We can't regard such descending trend as positive, obviously, but still this is not a reason to cancel the show.

Neither critics nor viewers have yet to express their opinion about Black Lightning Season 3. However, also worth noting that the reception of the previous season was quite controversial. Black Lightning Season 2 has received critical acclaim, with a score of 7.41/10 and a 91%, according to Rotten Tomatoes. On the other hand, viewers haven't been fully satisfied with the 2nd round of Black Lightning, given a score of only 2.7 out of 5 and a 42% approval rating. Nonetheless, on Metacritic, the viewers consensus was mostly favorable, with a score of 6.3/10. Meanwhile, an overall score of the superhero series on IMDb is still above average, 6.2/10 based on about 17,800 votes.

Summing up, the odds are low, given the data presented above. But given that even Riverdaleis experiencing the same issue with the viewing audience, we don't think that The CW is going to cancel Black Lightning after just three seasons. Besides, Black Lightning supplements the network's superhero lineup. Thus, in our opinion, Black Lightning Season 4 is due to happen, however, it most likely would be the last season of the action drama series on The CW.

Black Lightning Season 4 Release Date

As you may see, we don't rule out that Black Lightning might return for a fourth season. But when could be its premiere in such a case. You may have noticed that both last seasons of the series premiered in October, in the one row with other superhero series on The CW. Even despite that the 1st installment of Black Lightning kicked off in January, we don't think that The CW is about to change something in the network's lineup. Therefore, we might expect the Black Lightning Season 4 premiere next fall, in October 2020, given the current schedule of the series.

However, we want you to bear in mind that the data above is rather our forecast. We don't have any confirmed data as of yet. That's why we are tracking down all the official reports which arrive from The CW, and we will inform you once the cable network announces the renewal and sets a specific release date for another season of Black Lightning. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Black Lightning Summary

The story focuses on Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero formerly known as Black Lightning. Jefferson is currently a father to his two daughters, happy husband, and the high school principal. His institution serves a shelter for difficult teenagers. But when a new local gang starts to terrorize his hometown, Pierce is forced to put on his superhero suit once again, to become a vigilante, whose mission is to clean the city streets from crime. Pierce's superpower is to control electricity, and he is about to use all his supernatural abilities to protect his family and all people in the community around, no matter what happens.