Netflix Confirmed Big Mouth Season 3 And Three More Seasons

Netflix Confirmed Big Mouth Season 3 And Three More Seasons

No doubt you're among those who were looking forward to Big Mouth Season 3. And we have exciting news for you since Netflix officially confirmed that the adult animated sitcom had been renewed for Season 3 as well as three more seasons up to Big Mouth Season 6. No specific release date has been announced so far, but Netflix has confirmed that Big Mouth Season 3 is set to premiere this fall.

The decision of renewal is due to a multi-year deal, which Netflix has inked with Brutus Pink, the production company, which stands behind Big Mouth. To be honest, nothing is surprising in such a decision, given the reception which the animated series has received from critics and viewers.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Big Mouth Season 2 holds a score of 8.81/10 and a 100% approval rating from critics, while viewers have rated the season at 4.1/5 and have given a 81% rating. On Metacritic, the 2nd installment of the adult animated sitcom has a rating of 90/100 and 6.9/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. At the same time, an overall score of Big Mouth on IMDb is very high, 8.0/10 based on over 37,000 votes.

Also worth noting that the four creators of Big Mouth are set to receive an award for comedy writers of the year at Just For Laughs this coming weekend. By the way, the event is set to take place in Montreal and is treated as the largest international comedy festival in the world.

Big Mouth Season 3, 4, 5, 6 Release Date

As mentioned above, despite that Netflix has officially confirmed Big Mouth Season 3 and even three more seasons, no specific release date has been revealed as of yet. The only thing which follows from the official announcement is that Big Mouth Season 3 is set to premiere this fall. However, if we take a look at the schedule of the two previous seasons of the adult animated sitcom, we might conclude that Big Mouth Season 3 release date is slated for September or October 2019.

Since the data above is only our forecast, we are tracking down all the official reports which arrive from Netflix. As soon as the global broadcaster reveals more data about a particular release date for Big Mouth Season 3 or publishes any news on the subject of the other upcoming season, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Big Mouth Summary

The story centers on a group of teenagers living in the suburbs of NYC, who are making their first steps towards puberty, with all that follows from it such as: masturbation, and sexual arousal. During each episode, the guys interact with people and objects, which makes the adult sitcom more surrealistic. Big Mouth is an ironic look at the coming-of-age sitcoms. The series touches such vital questions of adulthood as menstruation, erection, libido, porno, etc.