Batwoman: Whether There Will Be A Season 2?

Batwoman: Whether There Will Be A Season 2?

It was clear that The CW should order another superhero series in an attempt to expand its programming slate. And no doubt the network's freshman Batwoman was highly anticipated. But the question is whether the new superhero show managed to meet expectations. And what is more exciting to know is whether there will be a Season 2. We know that Batwoman could cause mixed feelings, talking about those who have been witnessing the series premiere. That's why we are going to estimate the odds of Batwoman to be renewed for another round on The CW.

As mentioned above, the response from critics and viewers was controversial. On the one hand, looks like that critics were fully satisfied with the new superhero series on The CW. On the other, viewers were totally disappointed, which follows from the data that we have gathered from various media aggregators. Thus, on Rotten Tomatoes, Batwoman Season 1 holds a score of 6.47/10 and a 73% approval rating from critics. At the same time, viewers have given an 11% rating with an overall score of only 1.2 out of 5.

Surprisingly, we see the same picture on Metacritic, where the critics' consensus was 62/10 while viewers have met Batwoman totally negatively, with a rating of only 0.5/10. Besides, if we take a look at the results of the show on IMDb, the score of Batwoman also looks awful, just 3.5/10, to date. It seems that we're now discussing one of the lowest rated TV series ever released on The CW.

To be honest, we have never seen so negative reviews neither on Rotten Tomatoes nor at Metacritic, and, especially, on IMDb. If you opt to dig deeper in the reviews, you might discover a lot of negative statements such as: "This show is an abomination...," or "I hate giving zeros...," or even "This show is complete trash...," and also "terrible cast, terrible acting, terrible action, terrible anti-consumers behavior." Does it mean that The CW's audience got tired of superheroes or the series co-produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television is indeed so bad?

The CW has yet to reveal the viewing figures of the 1st season premiere, but we bet that the viewership should start to decrease from episode to episode. Summing up, if to rely on reception, it was awful, and thereby there can't by Batwoman Season 2 no way. However, the viewers' consensus is not all. On the contrary, we almost sure that The CW is about to pick up Batwoman for another round despite all the negative reviews. Otherwise, the network should cancel the show right now. So if Batwoman manages to survive its 1st installment, we assume that The CW will renew the superhero series for one more season. But we 100% sure that Batwoman won't return for a Season 3. It would be absurd.

Our verdict, thereby is quite controversial. On the one hand, all indications are that Batwoman won't return for a Season 2. On the other, we can't believe that The CW may cancel a superhero series. The CW is the network which has been made to spread the superhero-like video content. However, if we take a look at the recent cancellation of Swamp Thing on DC Universe, it becomes clear that not every superhero project must gain success. All rules have exceptions.

Batwoman Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, Batwoman Season 2 is yet to be announced. Moreover, looks like there won't be the next season. But still, if The CW decides to pick up Batwoman for another round, when could be its premiere? To be honest, it's not such a big secret. As a rule, The CW releases new seasons in the fall. And besides, it's clear that it takes about a year to produce and promote a 22-24-episode television season. Therefore, in case of renewal, we must expect Batwoman Season 2 not earlier than in October 2020, given the current schedule of the series. But we'd like to repeat one more time, the future of Batwoman is quite doubtful matter.

But still, we want you to take into account that all the data provided above is nothing but out forecast. The final decision entirely depends on The CW's management. Therefore, we are looking forward to any official news from the network. We are tracking down all the official reports on the subject since we want you to be the first who know any actual news. As soon as The CW announces their decision on the subject of Batwoman Season 2 or even sets a specific release date, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Batwoman Summary

As expected, the story centers on Kate Kane, who is a Bruce Wayne's female cousin. She appears on the stage right after Batman disappeared. Having finished struggling with her internal demons, Kate eventually realizes that she might be useful to the citizens of Gotham City, and her mission, thereby to protect the town as a new female costumed superhero, known as Batwoman. The superhero series premiered on October 6, 2019, on The CW. Batwoman is created by Caroline Dries and Greg Berlanti who also served as executive producers.