Netflix Renewed B: The Beginning For Season 2

B: The Beginning

Netflix seems to be serious about the anime in 2018. The global broadcaster is about to release twelve new anime series this year. Following the success of Devilman Crybaby and Violet Evergarden, Netflix released a brand new mystery sci-fi anime titled B: The Beginning. The first season of the anime consists of twelve episodes; all of them available online starting from March 2, 2018.

Given the fact that Netflix, as a rule, drops all episodes at once, many viewers likely wonder whether there will be another season of B: The Beginning? On June 12, 2018, Netflix officially confirmed that the network's freshman anime series B: The Beginning will return for Season 2 soon.

First, we'd like to note that B: The Beginning is directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who participated as the animation director for Kill Bill. This fact served as the first hint pointing out that B: The Beginning was initially conceived as an ambitious project.

Secondly, as mentioned above, Netflix is about to expand its programming slate with lots of new anime series. According to The Verge, Netflix was going to spend $8 billion to produce more series, while a sizable chunk of that amount will go toward creating 30 new anime series. So, one more time, Netflix is very seriously treating the anime.

If we take a look at the reception of B: The Beginning, we could find it impressive. Thus, for instance, the visitors of MyAnimeList have evaluated the sci-fi anime at 7.68 ~ 4,000 votes. At the same time, on IMDb, the series' rating is almost the same, 7.8/10. So we may see as a result that the viewers were mostly satisfied while watching B: The Beginning.

Summing up, we believed that B: The Beginning could return for Season 2 on Netflix. This show has an excellent response from the target audience; one of the series' director has been already famous for his works in the US market; Netflix itself is interested in spreading its original video content globally. Besides, the global broadcaster has apparently evaluated the potential of the animated series (including anime). The network's recent deal with Disney served a solid proof of that fact. After all, the show's name is B: The Beginning, which meant that the first season reveals just "the beginning" of the series.

B: The Beginning (initially "Perfect Bones") kicked off on March 2, 2018, on Netflix. Production I.G, Inc. served as a developer of the anime. The story is based on the original script written by Katsuya Ishida. Kazuto Nakazawa & Yoshiki Yamakawa acted as the directors of the series. The first season of B: The Beginning consists of twelve episodes. There has been no official announcement of Season 2 so far.

What Is B: The Beginning About?

If you have not yet watched this sci-fi anime on Netflix, please read a brief overview of B: The Beginning below.

The story unfolds in the world which was able to gain the high development of advanced technologies and computer networks. The primary storyline focuses on Koku and Keith, where the latter is the legendary investigator of the royal police force RIS. Keith's mission is to cope with the mysterious crime organization. However, aside from the Mob, the city is threatened by a chain of mysterious and violent murders. A criminal, nicknamed "Killer B" leaves his signature at the crime scenes. The protagonists thereby will have to reveal the true identity of the Killer B and track down the chain of crimes.

Season 2 Release Date

We were quite sure that Netflix was about to pick up B: The Beginning for another round. Fortunately, we were right in our forecast.

But the global broadcaster has yet to announce the exact release date for a sophomore installment. All we know for sure is that "B: The Beginning Season 2 of the hit anime series is coming soon to Netflix." We hope the premiere takes place this fall.

In any case, this is just our forecast on the subject. We are looking forward to the official statement of Netflix regarding the future of B: The Beginning. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.