Top 14 Little-Known Underrated TV Shows You Nonetheless Should Watch

Top 14 Little-Known Underrated TV Shows You Nonetheless Should Watch

I bet almost each of you have seen or at least heard about Stranger Things. Most of women are no doubt watching Big Little Lies. Every teenager knows about The 100, is a fan of Arrow or The Flash, and perhaps hates the NCIS and CSI franchises.

But still, there are so many television and web series that are hidden from your eyes, which nevertheless worth your attention. Let me present you the list of the most underrated, and at the same time, little known series that might become your favorite this evening.

Attention. I don't claim that you have never heard about these series or even seen them, yet, these television and web projects are no doubt deserve more attention than they have or had. It's worth mentioning that the list is made randomly, since each series is peculiar, and we thereby couldn't arrange them in accordance with their popularity.

Ozark on Netflix

14: Ozark

This web series is everything about troubles. In other words, Ozark showcases how wrong could be your life if you made just one mistake, choosing a risky client. Marty Byrde is a financial advisor, who was unlucky to have ties with a notorious drug cartel. When every his partner was killed by a furious drug lord, Marty made a proposal to his "client," claiming that he might multiply the assets if he keep him alive.

As a result of such a reckless deal Marty was forced to move with his family to a distant summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouri. Upon arrival, he is about to invest drug assets into the local business to undertake a money laundering scheme. Yet each step Marty makes him closer and closer to the abyss.

Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime

13: Jack Ryan

Even despite Jack Ryan is based on the character created by Tom Clancy, since the web series was broadcast on Amazon Prime, it was not available for the broader audience. Jack Ryan looked rather like an eight-part motion picture than a web series. The story centers on a CIA analyst, who managed to discover a suspicious chain of bank transactions, which were made by a dangerous extremist named Suleiman.

As a result, Ryan was forced to leave his safe office chair and went on a journey to the Middle East to track down a group of terrorists headed by their mastermind, Suleiman, who apparently planned a terrorist attack on American soil.

Condor on AT&T's Audience network

12: Condor

Condor is a conspiracy thriller, which can't be found even by the show's title if you don't know that the series is broadcast on AT&T's Audience network. Based on the best-selling novel Six Days of the Condor written by James Grady, the thriller centers on a young CIA analyst named Joe Turner, whose fellow agents were killed by the mysterious assassins.

Having no idea who these hitmen were and whom he could trust, Turner went on the run. The more Turner learns what happened to his secret division the more he realizes how dangerous the conspiracy he stumbled upon.

Snowfall on FX

11: Snowfall

This crime drama is full of violence and shocking truth. The events that take place in Snowfall, which is broadcast on FX, shed the light on the crack cocaine epidemic, which flooded the streets of Los Angeles in the 1980s. The storyline centers on a minor drug dealer, who, though started his career in a risky way nonetheless managed to turn in a young drug lord, who controls not only the marijuana market in his district, but also extended his empire with the new product known as "crack."

Mr. Mercedes on AT&T's Audience network

10: Mr. Mercedes

Since this television series is broadcast on AT&T's Audience network, few viewers know about it, yet in vain, since it's based on the eponymous novel trilogy by Stephen King. The story revolves around a retired detective named Bill Hodges, who can't come to terms with that he wasn't able to solve the mystery mass murder, the flashbacks of which still pursue him.

A psychopath, who has later been nicknamed Mr. Mercedes committed a horrifying murder that has claimed sixteen lives. However, the killer is still free instead of servicing a sentence. But despite that the case is closed the murderer somehow communicate with Hodges that makes him crazy since no one believes him, taking him for an aged mad man.

StartUp on Crackle

9: StartUp

Everyone knows that StartUp is a kind of risky business, yet how far may go those who stand behind it to gain money and success. The story picks up when Nick Talman invests his father's money into an incredible risky idea elaborated and realized by a prodigy programmer named Izzy Morales. Izzy's idea is about the radically new cryptocurrency, which she called GenCoin.

The events could develop slowly, yet it turned out that the money that Nick borrow from his father was in fact the money of the local Haitian drug cartel, headed by Ronald Dacey. Intending at first to kill the ill-entrepreneurs, Ronald soon realizes that GenCoin could provide safety and stability to his gang. That's how drug money served a basis for a high-tech idea.

Luckily, StartUp is broadcast on a SONY owned FREE online video streaming service, and you thereby might figure out what happened to the title characters totally FREE.

McMafia on the BBC

8: McMafia

McMafia is a British television series, which is little known to the US viewers. The show nonetheless caused a buzz in the UK. The storyline centers on Alex Godman, a son of a runaway Russian oligarch, who is now lining in London. Alex manages the legitimate business by owning and controlling a hedge fund.

Alex's father spends days by drinking, experiencing nostalgia for his Russian past, dreaming one day return home. Alex, in turn, is fully satisfied with his lavish lifestyle in the modern London. He, on the contrary, dreams of getting rid of his Russian legacy. However, one crucial mistake made by Alex's uncle, Boris, puts all the family under risk.

The Night Manage on the BBC

7: The Night Manager

Another British drama, which, in our opinion, worth your attention is The Night Manager, the series which was broadcast on the BBC. The Night Manager is a television adaptation of the eponymous novel by John le Carré. The story centers on Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier, who is currently working as a night manager in a luxurious Egyptian hotel. Pine has accidentally become involved in the international conspiracy related to the secret arms trade.

Since he has been witnessing a violent death of a hotel guest, to whom he experienced a sympathy, Jonathan is now seeking for revenge. To accomplish his mission, he accepts the offer from an MI6 operative to work as a covert agent, without support, whose primary goal is to penetrate into the inner circle of an arms dealer named Richard Roper, who is responsible for the death of Sophie Alekan, his love for one night.

ICE on AT&Ts's Audience Network

6: ICE

In my opinion, ICE heads the list of the underestimated series on TV. The show has been renewed for a sophomore season, but canceled soon afterwards. You wouldn't be able to discover this show by a chance if you don't know that it was broadcast on little known AT&Ts's Audience Network. As follows from the show's title, ICE is all about diamonds and what relates to the backyard of the jewelry business.

The story centers on a Los Angeles diamond trader firm known as Green & Green Diamond. The family members are trapped between clean and dirty business. However, a sudden chain of events that follows after the death of the family patriarch incline them to the dark side.

11.22.63 on Hulu

5: 11.22.63

You should watch 11.22.63 if you were excited while watching the Back to the future trilogy by Robert Zemeckis. Yet unlike the latter, the story is complicated by the tragic events that happened to one of the US president the same date, which is emphasized in the show's title. Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning that the series is mostly centered on the atmosphere of the epoch, what makes it so attractive.

The miniseries focuses on a mysterious story, which happened to Jake Epping, a recently divorced English teacher, who made time-travel jump into 1963 thanks to a wormhole, which he discovered inside his friend's eatery. Having the mission to rescue John F. Kennedy, Jake nonetheless found the lifestyle of the past epoch so attractive that he made several attempts to change the space-time continuum, yet unsuccessfully.

The OA on Netflix

4: The OA

The OA is an absolute hit of 2019, yet few remember that this sci-fi web series was completely underestimated in its 1st installment, given the ambivalent season finale. In my opinion, The OA is a kind of web series, which might push a viewer to subscribe to Netflix. The story revolves around Prairie Johnson, a young woman who vanished back in childhood. Season 1 picks up when Prairie reappears in her hometown.

But the difference is that she restored her eye vision, while in childhood she was completely blind. Prairie refused to talk with anyone who tried to figure out what happened to her, yet she gathers a group of local students headed by their teacher to reveal them the sinister truth about how she spent these years. I don't want to spoil, but the events of her life are so unexpected and shocking that I doubt that someone could expect such development of events.

The Dark on Netflix

3: Dark

The Dark is an excellent example of how Netflix is capable of making an underrated web series very popular and commonly discussed. Debuting as another non-English language series on Netflix, the German sci-fi series The Dark gained a huge success. The Dark is how you imagine the brutal German reality, and how deep could be German philosophy, which once influenced the world.

The story also relates to vanished children, yet, this time, their disappearance has other roots. The storyline revolves around a nuclear plant and a group of influential families which stand behind it. The Dark is a mixture between The OA and 11.22.63, which, in turn, was made such a dark way that you will be forced to plunge into the rain-stylized atmosphere.

F Is For Family on Netflix

2: F Is For Family

We conclude our list of underestimated series with two comedy series, where the first one is the adult animated sitcom. F Is For Family is a kind of period comedy series, which can't leave you indifferent. Set in the 1970, the storyline centers on Frank Murphy, a working-class veteran, who represent a typical man of his epoch. Frank works at the local airport as a low-level manager.

He adores drinking beer with his neighbors, and is dreaming of purchasing a new TV to gather the gang around it. Murphy possesses his own vision on how to raise children, and since he is the family patriarch, he thinks that his mission is to yell at everyone, whom he regards guilty in his everyday problems. Meanwhile, Frank's wife, Sue, is attempting to become a business lady.

The Brink on HBO

1: The Brink

No doubt, most of you avoid such genre as political satire, yet this show is what you were seeking so long to spend a weekend with your friends by rolling on the floor, while dying with laughter. Similar to ICE, The Brink has been renewed for a second season, and then canceled with no reason. The world is at the brink of World War III since a paranoid Pakistan general is about to use the country's nuclear arsenal.

To rescue the situation, an odd trio has been sent in the Middle East. Each of them is so crazy that you can't even imagine. Unfortunately, the world's stability now depends on them. The Brink illustrates the ironic look at how the US leaders lead their politics in the Middle East. Yet if to omit all that relate to politics, The Brink is the comedy that you were waiting for years. I bet you have never even heard about this television show, yet once you see the 1st episode, I guarantee you wouldn't be able to stop watching.


There is no reason why we opted to make the TOP 14 list of the most underestimated TV Series; we just wanted to be not similar to everyone who publish the TOP 10 or TOP 20. By the way, TV Date is the project where you can learn whether your favorite television series is renewed for another season, its release date is scheduled, or the series is being canceled.