Arrow Season 7 Release Date Is Announced


Beyond doubt, Arrow is one of the top shows on The CW. The series was a success within six seasons. But will the showrunners move forward with another installment of Arrow? Each show gradually loses its actuality as well as the target audience. However, despite a slight drop in the television ratings in Season 6, Arrow stands in one row with the best shows on TV. But whether or not The CW is going to pick up Arrow for Season 7?

Fortunately, on April 2, 2018, The CW announced the exciting news. The network has opted to pick up ten their primetime television series for their respective next seasons. As you may have guessed, Arrow remains in The CW's lineup. We, honestly, have been expecting this decision. Therefore, we wrote a forecast on the subject. You may get acquainted with our estimate below. It's essential to study these boring figures since they showcase how The CW regards their series before the decision on renewal or cancellation.

The sixth season premiere of Arrow has garnered 1.52 million viewers with a 0.6/2 rating/share (P18-49). Meanwhile, the previous premiere has gained 1.87 million viewers. Thus we observed a drop of about 18.6%. On the other hand, the eighth episode titled "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2" managed to gather 2.52 million viewers.

In our opinion, the main reason to renew the show was a reception by critics and viewers, which was brilliant as for the sixth seasons of the series. The sixth round holds a score of 7.14/10 and an 89% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have rated the recent installment at 3.9/5/70%, according to Rotten Tomatoes. On Metacritic, the viewers have evaluated the current season at 7.1/10. We considered such impressive reception as a very reliable indicator in favor of the further renewal. An overall score of Arrow on IMDb also remains high, 7.8/10 ~ 347,000 votes.

Summing up, Arrow had all the chances to get back for the next season. This show possesses a devoted fandom; the television ratings looked stable; reception by the target audience was mostly favorable. As a result, we were inclined to believe that the returning of Arrow for Season 7 it's only a matter of time.

What Is Arrow About?

If you have not watched this supernatural series on The CW, we suggest you read a brief overview of Arrow below. Otherwise, you may scroll down to learn our forecast on the subject of the likely release date for a seventh season.

The story focuses on Oliver Queen, a golden boy, who used to live a luxurious life without any duties. But one day has turned crucial for Oliver when he found himself trapped in the mysterious island amidst the ocean due to a shipwreck. He was a billionaire playboy before this day. However, now he faced real troubles. Oliver was presumably considered dead within five years. Nonetheless, by chance, he managed to survive.

Upon returning home, he looked strange and mysterious. The fact is that Oliver realized and comprehended a lot, being in a hostile environment for a long time. Oliver changed his attitude to his life and numerous things. Over time, he turned into a superhero, known as Arrow, who hides his face behind the mask, fighting with crime and injustice on the streets of his hometown.

Season 7 Release Date

As mentioned above, The CW has announced the renewal of Arrow for another round. According to the network's fall schedule,Arrowis coming back for Season 7 on Monday, October 15, 2018 on The CW.