American Housewife: We Are Back For Season 3 on ABC

American Housewife

This show was lucky to remain on the ABC schedule last season. ABC presented four new sitcoms, but only two of them managed to survive. The secret is simple relating to American Housewife since this show was steady in the ratings. As a result, there is nothing surprising in the fact that ABC opted to renew the series for another round. But does American Housewife have a chance for a third season on ABC? Whether or not the national broadcaster is about to pick up the show? On May 12, 2018, ABC officially confirmed that American Housewife had been renewed for a third season. The decision was evident for us. Read our forecast on the subject below.

American Housewife has lost just an insignificant percentage of its viewing audience (about 15%) during the second season's premiere. The first episode of Season 2 has garnered 5.657 million viewers with a 1.60 key demo (P18-49). The audience of the subsequent episodes has never fallen below the point of 4.15 million viewers. If we compare these figures with the results of the first season, we could notice quite a stable trend. Thus, we regard these statistics as a primary reason to renew American Housewife for a third season.

Another good indicator, which points out the upcoming decision on renewal is the reception by the target audience. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the current season of American Housewife has a score of 4.1/5 and a 77% approval rating among the viewers. This figure looks strong as well. An overall score of the show on IMDb is 7.4/10 based on over 3,700 votes.

Additionally worth noting that ABC ordered two additional episodes for Season 2, which means that the network is about to extend the series for at least one more season. We doubt that these episodes were added in order to conclude the show.

Summing up, we believe that American Housewife deserves a chance to remain in the ABC lineup in the next season. This television series showcased pretty strong indicators in the current season and managed not to lose its target audience. Besides, the response from critics and viewers was mostly favorable. As a result, ABC would likely renew American Housewife for Season 3. We just need to wait for a while for the official announcement.

Especially worth noting the fourteenth episode of the second season titled "Midlife Crisis," which has garnered 5.32 million viewers. If the series manages to keep such uptrend in the second half of Season 2, the decision of renewal is just a matter of time.

What Is American Housewife About?

The story focuses on Katie Otto, an ordinary housewife, who feels herself not comfortable enough after moving with her husband, Greg, and their three children to Westport, Connecticut. Katie's new environment consists of wealthy, glamorous, and arrogant mommies and their seemingly perfect offspring. Katie has no chance to compete with these pompous women. However, she tries to do all the best for her family. Katie's husband, Greg, is a sensible university professor; Taylor, the eldest daughter, desires to adapt to the new conditions; Oliver, the middle child, can't cope with his ambitions; finally, Anna-Kat, the youngest daughter, is distinguished by her obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Regarding The Likely Release Date For Season 3

We expect the returning of American Housewife for Season 2 this fall, whether it be in September or October of 2018. We borrowed these dates from the current schedule of the series. But we don't rule out that ABC may change the show's time slot. So we are waiting for the official news from ABC. We will update this page when the network announced some additional info on the subject. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.