The Terror: Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

The Terror

It seems that AMC was able to impress their target audience one more time. The network's brand new drama series The Terror has showcased the impressive results during its debut. The adaptation has its roots in the eponymous best-selling novel by Dan Simmons. As a result, the show was doomed to success. Both critics and viewers have written the excellent reviews after the show's premiere.

Without a doubt, you look forward to the continuation of the story. So, you likely wonder, whether there will be a second season of The Terror on AMC? Unfortunately, AMC has yet to announce any news on the future of the drama. However, The Terror was initially conceived as an anthology. Thus, we doubt that the first season would cover the full story. Besides, the series has illustrated the excellent statistics. Let's take a closer glance at some details.

First, the series premiere has gathered a sufficient audience. The pilot episode has garnered 3.336 million viewers with a 1.34 demo rating among adults 18-49. However, it's worth noting that the viewing audience has significantly decreased during the 2nd episode (-58.4%). Nonetheless, we regard the viewing figures of The Terror quite acceptable. If the viewership doesn't drop below the mark of one million viewers per episode, AMC will inevitably renew the drama series for another round.

But the most notable was a reception of the first installment, which has received the universal acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Terror holds a score of 8.51/10 and a 90% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the first season of the drama at 4.8/5/100%. We observe almost similar figures on Metacritic, 76/100 and 9.4/10 among critics/viewers, respectively. An overall score of The Terror on IMDb also looks very solid, 8.9/10 > 1,000 votes. Undoubtedly, AMC would have to take these data into account before their decision on the future of the show.

Summing up, despite a bit low television ratings, The Terror has an excellent chance to return to AMC for a sophomore season, especially given the brilliant reception from critics and target audience. We thereby are inclined to believe that AMC is about to pick up the drama for at least one more season. Besides, as mentioned above, The Terror is an anthology series. Even if the next season had another storyline, it would happen.

The Terror Summary

If you had no chance to get acquainted with this drama series on AMC yet, we suggest you read a brief overview of The Terror below. Otherwise, you may scroll down to learn our forecast about the likely release date for a next season.

Inspired by the actual events, the series focuses on the expedition undertaken by an experienced polar explorer, Captain Sir John Franklin, in 1845--1848. It was a dangerous voyage aboard the Royal Navy's polar explorer ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror into the unknown area. The crew's primary goal was to discover the Northwest Passage. However, no one could even imagine how severe might be the conditions of such a hazardous voyage. Because of the limited resources and fear of the unknown, the team faced with the trial they were not able to overcome. Having been frozen and isolated, the explorers found themselves on the brink of extinction. Eventually, all the members of the expedition were forced struggle to survive.

On The Possible Release Date For Season 2

Notwithstanding that AMC has yet to announce their decision, we don't rule out that the cable broadcaster is about to renew The Terror for another season. On the contrary, we are confident in the further renewal. So, in the case of the positive decision, we doubt that The Terror could return for Season 2 this fall. This ten-part television series, produced by Ridley Scott, looks more likely as a feature film consisting of ten chapters.

As a result, we assume that the production on season two could last at least one year. Therefore, we tend to believe that The Terror Season 2 might premiere next winter or even spring, in March 2019, given the current schedule of the series. Thus, we'll update this page when AMC announces more reliable news on the subject. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.