Aldnoah.Zero: Is This Anime Deserving Season 3?

Aldnoah.Zero: Is This Anime Deserving Season 3?

Perhaps, only lazy didn't discuss this mecha anime. Aldnoah.Zero appears to be a very controversial franchise, looking at the endless debates on the subject of its future, on MAL and Reddit. However, despite all of these collisions between fans, there are many of them who eager to watch a next season of the series. Over two years have passed since the conclusion of the last season. However, it seems that A-1 Pictures, as well as TROYCA, don't hurry up with the announcement of renewal. The hiatus lasts so long most likely because the franchise is entirely completed. But maybe we are wrong? Let's try to estimate the odds of Aldnoah.Zero to receive the next season.

The primary indicator that points up towards the conclusion of the franchise is that it doesn't have any base. We mean that there is no light novel or manga, which could serve a source for the next television adaptations. On the contrary, manga began serializing a month after the television premiere. Therefore, there is no source to adapt. Everything depends on the show's creators in general, and on Katsuhiko Takayama, in particular. If they decide, they will film one more season of Aldnoah.Zero, if not, we would have to wait for years.

The second significant point is a response from the target audience. On this subject, first of all, it's worth noting that the ratings were mostly favorable, at least according to the statistics by MyAnimeList. According to their data, the first season of Aldnoah. Zero has a score of 7.61/10 > 167,000 votes, while the second one has a rating of 7.13/10 ~ 110,500 votes. Of course, the figure of the sophomore season looks lower compared to the score of its predecessor. Nonetheless, an overall score is rather high. On IMDb, this anime has a rating of 7.4/10 > 1,400 votes.

On the other hand, there is a group of fans who consider the second round worse in comparison to the first one. As a result, they don't want any new season. Just look up the threads presented above, to be sure of this. Thus, we conclude that reception was mixed. Whence, the incertitude of the show's creators in the success of the next season. Summing up, we think that Aldnoah.Zero has a ghostly chance for Season 3, given the reasons presented above. Although, the world of anime is full of surprises. Two years is, actually, not that much extended period for such a kind of TV shows. Some fans waited for a decade before their favorite anime got another season. So, we think you must keep hoping. All that we can do, as a result, is to wait for the unlikely official announcement.

Aldnoah.Zero premiered in July 2014 on Tokyo MX. Shortly afterward, AT-X, GYT, BS11, and other Japanese networks began airing the series. A-1 Pictures Inc. jointly with TROYCA Inc. served as developers of the television series. Aniplex USA has acquired rights for the anime in North America. Aldnoah.Zero is available for online video streaming through Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

What Is Aldnoah.Zero About?

If you have not watched this anime yet, here is a brief overview of the series, below.

The humankind managed to migrate to Mars thanks to the discovery of hypergate on the surface of the Moon during the another lunar mission. Thus, the first human colony on Mars appeared. These migrants founded the Vers Empire here on the red planet. The alien technology discovered on Mars allowed the Empire to break up with the Earth rulership. As a result, a war between two coalitions arose. The collision on the Moon's surface triggered the explosion of the hypergate. The Moon has been destroyed, while its remains formed a debris belt around the planet. The settlers of the Vers Empire built various orbital space stations at the debris. Thus, there was a truce.

The story picks up fifteen years since the last battle. The storyline focuses on Inaho Kaizuka, who accidentally has become a witness of an attack on the Vers Empire's Princess. She arrived at Earth in an attempt to restore the relationship between Martians and Terrans. However, this assassination attempt caused a new wave of collision between two empires. Thus, Inaho and his friends found himself amidst the conflict.

On The Subject of The Possible Renewal and Release Date for Season 3

As mentioned above, we consider the odds on renewal quite low. However, we do not rule out that this decision could finally be announced. But the season of premiers has come to an end. Therefore, the announcement won't happen this year for sure. Nonetheless, it would likely occur in 2019. However, also worth noting that the show's creators had a lot of time to write as well as film one more season. Therefore, the exciting news could appear any day at any time. Though the renewal seems doubtful, we suggest those fans who were waiting for the next season, to be strong and cross the fingers. Who knows, perhaps, we were wrong. In any case, we are waiting for the official news. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.