Will Alaskan Bush People Return For Season 8 On The Discovery Channel?

Alaskan Bush People

Numerous rumors spread across the Internet that Alaskan Bush People Season 8 is confirmed. However, in fact, there is no official announcement of renewal. Nonetheless, you likely wonder, whether there will be a next season of this reality television series on Discovery Channel? We never rely on rumors and unreliable sources. However, there exists the way to estimate the odds of any show to return for another installment. Yeah, we are talking about the statistics. Accordingly, the only thing we can do (before the official report) is to compare the figures to create a forecast. Well, let's get it started.

The previous season of the show kicked off last Christmas, and its premiere has garnered 2,015 million viewers with a 0.45 key demo among adults 18-49. Not so bad, given the fact that some episodes have attracted over 3 million, such as episode one (#3 in season) titled "All That Matters," which has managed to draw 3,172 million viewers. So, what about the premiere of Season 7? The season premiere that took place on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at 9:00 PM has gained 2,624 million viewers with a 0.58 key demo (P18-49). As a result, the 7th premiere has garnered 33% more viewers versus its predecessor. Thus, the increase in the viewing audience is evident. Besides, Alaskan Bush People have a pretty high overall score on IMDb, 6.3/10 > 1,700 votes.

Summing up, the show's ratings look steady. Moreover, the current season premiere has surpassed its predecessor in the ratings. The viewers are apparently satisfied by watching this reality show, taking into account the response from the target audience. Therefore, we have no reason to doubt that Alaskan Bush People would be returning for an eighth season on the Discovery Channel this year. The only thing we would have to figure out is when the likely premiere could take place.

You may have noted that, as a rule, Discovery Channel releases another season of Alaskan Bush People twice a year, in the period between May and June, as well as, in winter, between November and December. It would be logical to assume that, given the shift of the recent premiere to June 2017, the next installment should start in January of 2019. But we doubt that the Discovery Channel is about to force their viewers to wait so long. Accordingly, we tend to believe that the upcoming premiere is slated for this winter, most likely, in December of 2018. Are we right or wrong? We'll see.

Alaskan Bush People Summary

If you didn't have a chance to watch this reality television series on the Discovery Channel yet, we'd suggest you read a brief overview of Alaskan Bush People below.

Meet the Brown family, whose members are the protagonists of this docu-reality series on the Discovery Channel. Billy and Ami Brown live with their seven children far from the civilization. These people are so wild that they rarely meet any outsiders nearby. They are completely isolated from the society by living in the forest in Alaska. The Browns call themselves a "wolf pack." Their conditions of existence are indeed severe. The Copper River Valley is the place where the temperature could drop to sixty degrees below zero. The family thereby travels from one spot to another seeking for a temporary shelter.

On The Likely Release Date For Season 8

As mentioned above, Discovery Channel has yet to decide the future of Alaskan Bush People officially. However, similar to other media outlets, we tend to believe that the reality show would return for Season 8, given the steady ratings of the current season. As for the possible release date, our small study allows us to think that Alaskan Bush People will return for Season 8 on the Discovery Channel in December 2018 or January 2019. However, this is nothing but our forecast. Thus, we are looking forward to the official announcement of the cable network on the subject. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.