FOX Picked Up 9-1-1 For Season 2; When Do We Expect The Upcoming Premiere?


Once again we made sure of the fact that the television ratings serve a key indicator in the decision of renewal. The debut of 9-1-1 has garnered over 15 million viewers across all platforms. That's why FOX opted to renew 9-1-1 for a second season. Without a doubt, you have been waiting for this renewal. According to the official announcement, the series' premiere was the most massive debut since Empire in 2015. As a result, 9-1-1 has become the highest-rated Wednesday series premiere on television in more than a year. FOX is proud of their new procedural drama. Well, let's take a look at some other significant indicators that allowed to FOX to make this decision.

9-1-1 has drawn 6.83 million viewers with a 1.8/7 key demo rating/share during its premiere on FOX. The subsequent episodes have showcased the incredibly stable trend in the figures. We assume that the series experienced the influence of Ryan Murphy, first of all. That's the secret of success of this procedural drama. You know Ryan mostly thanks to his works on the FX AHS anthology. It turns out that Murphy can be successful in different genres as well.

Although FOX has called 9-1-1 "the critically acclaimed hit," the response from critics and viewers was rather average. So, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of 9-1-1 has a score of 5.19/10 and a 67% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated the drama series at 3.3/5/63%. The show's score on Metacritic is principally favorable but sometimes controversial. Thus, the figures are 60/10 and 6.2/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, however, 9-1-1 indicates a pretty high score, 7.2/10 ~ 3,000 votes. Though we can't regard these figures impressive that much, they still look substantial in conjunction with the television ratings.

Summing up, the figures have coped with their role, while pushing FOX to pick up 9-1-1 for another round. Indeed, this show is spectacular and emotional enough. As a result, we assume that FOX had conceived 9-1-1 as a long-term television project. We wish 9-1-1 to be stronger in its sophomore installment. We hope it will happen.

What Is 9-1-1 About?

If your Wednesday evenings are still free of duties, and you have no idea what to do next week on Wednesday, please, read a brief overview of 9-1-1 below.

The story focuses on the protagonists whose daily mission is to save others lives. Each title character does one's duty to society, frequently risking their lives while finding themselves in the most awful and shocking situations. The essence of their day-to-day job is to keep the order on the streets and assist everyone who needs help. The police officers, firefighters, and paramedics work side by side in severe conditions of the big city. All these vital services have to keep a proper balance between each branch, saving those who found themselves vulnerable. Meanwhile, each of them must solve various family problems aside from their work.

About The Likely Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, FOX has renewed 9-1-1 for a sophomore season. The decision on renewal has been officially announced on January 16, 2018. But FOX has yet to publish the exact release date for the next installment of 9-1-1. However, most likely, 9-1-1 will return for Season 2 in January of 2019, taking into account the current schedule of the series. Meanwhile, we don't need to rule out the possible fall or even summer premiere of the next season since FOX hasn't announced the exact number of episodes in Season 1 yet.

So, we are looking forward to the official news from FOX. We will update this page as soon as the network provides us some additional data on the subject. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.